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  1. Hey all, I know this is unusual because I am the groom and usually the bride is the one joining these forums but I want to be involved in the wedding preps and I have taken the responsibility dealing with photos, video, music of having my fiancé deal with decorations and gifts. I am having her deal with decorations. We have chosen the resorts Ultimate Wedding Package and we are getting married June 2017 If anyone has gotten married at Dreams Palm Beach, whether it has been recently or in the past several months to a year, any and all help is very much appreciated. I have read several reviews and got mixed feelings. It has been 50/50 with photographers and videographers. I know that our package includes photos album and a video. Photographer/Photos-many people on other sites have said that they were happy with the Moe photos that were taken by Adventure Photos which is on site. Also, with the same company, several people had an issue when they tried to choose their photos saying that they were told by that company that they had to pay for the photos even when they were included in the wedding package. Several other people also said that they opted to hire an outside photographer and videographer because both photos and video turned out more amazing. If anyone has chosen to choose Adventure Photos from the resort as their photographer for their wedding, any help will do. Video/Videographer-pretty much the same thing as above. I was reading on our package that our video will include ceremony only and not photo session and reception. If you happened to also use videographer provided by the resort, any help and information will be appreciated. Music-pretty much every said that they went with DJ Mannia. Do I have to book him separately or does my wedding coordinator automatically book him when we tell them that we choose to have a DJ? Thanks for taking the time to read and help out!!! Any suggestions on which companies for photo and video very much appreciated!
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