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  1. My date is May 19, 2017. We chose to switch after some original planning to Majestic Elegance Punta Cana from Hard Rock Punta Cana. HR wasn't communicating all that well and their pricing kept going up with extra charges. Majestic has been a breeze and they are answering every email that day or by noon the next. We are waiting to do the block and booking until July when flights are available... This is after many talks with our guests who won't commit until the full price is available and not only hotel. So I told my fiance we can just make our deposit due date labor day. We will be sending out STD this month that will have info for the website. Time is moving quick!!
  2. I'm getting married in May 2017. We are going with the resort photography and the company is really nice. Overall we are spending around $900USD. We chose the beach ceremony, doing first dance there with cake cutting. Then moving onto a cocktail hour at a bar before dinner semi-private. The total cost of what we want, plus our room for 10 days is about the cost of a 150 person catering bill in the states. This made a destination wedding the easy choice for us. We are on a very tight budget, as our parents gave us a set amount they will spend. We told them to deduct the cost of their week package. Can't wait until 2017!!
  3. If anybody has any questions, I've spent 2 vacations there in the last 2 years and got to know the resort extremely well. If you're wanting to send your guests somewhere to eat that's close keep on mind that generally the lunch grills restaurants get better quality the closer to the Palace you go. So if you choose the location that's right off the Beach Resort then Rancho Grande is closest but the least quality. There's a beach venue by Captain Morgan and is pretty. The best buffet food was in colonial and tropical. Remember you can visit every restaurant except for palace if you stay on the other 4 resorts!! Again, if you have questions message me and I'll be happy to answer. I'm currently planning my wedding in Punta Cana
  4. I know im probably too late for the first posts wedding, but the mall is not a typical mall. It does have many stores to shop and haggle pricing. You can easily buy a gift to give all your guests and probably talk them down! I've been to barcelo beach riveria maya twice and can give lots of pointers!
  5. I do not have wedding info at jellyfish however while there in 2014 I ate there while a wedding took place on the beach. It was very nice and we were able to enjoy their entertainment. The restaurant food was amazing and we felt like service was top notch. We went on a Thursday so I'm not sure if that matters and we made reservations prior to leaving the states. For an app, entree and three drinks I spent $75. Hope that helps
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