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  1. @@isaroy We also chose the Mint Breeze package. The reason why we chose this is because we are going to be outside a lot during our stay and we thought for dinner (only 3 hours - unless you pay for longer) a little air conditioning would be a nice treat at dinner time. We were really stuck between this package and the Strawberry Passion one. We aren't staying at the Palace so I am not sure what the banquet rooms look for you. The room we have looks nice and you can have it decorated nicely. again for 3 hours out of the whole week of outdoor festivities I truly think it will be a welcomed moment. The DJ or dance floor is not included in the package. If you look online all the Barcelo page you will see all the packages with the inclusions and the additional costs. The Mint Breeze does include a sound system that you can hook up your iPod or use CDs for music during dinner. I was also told that there was a microphone available for your MC and speeches. Once you are set up with a wedding coordinator you will be taken step by step through the process of your planning. They are very organized. I have to say that my WC is wonderful, she is very fast at getting back to you with replies. I have Tania D. Good luck if you have any question you can send me a private message!
  2. I decided to go with some flat sandals. This way I will be comfortable and not have to worry taking my shoes off when we are on the beach taking pictures and what not.
  3. @@Moments That Matter Wish I could enter the contest but alas, we are only getting married in November. Love the photos you post!
  4. @@OL88 My spreadsheet said the banquet room was available from 6:00 to 10:00. we didn't want to extend the hours but I have a feeling we could extend to 11:00 or later but there was a cost. I can't seem to find how much they would charge. If I find it I will post here for you. We are just going to move our party to the Jaguars Club.
  5. @@snswedding2016 ooooh thanks so much for your post! I am getting married at Barcelo Maya Palace. I had no idea there was a cenote on site sounds like there have a lot of activities at the resort that you don't really have to leave unless you are looking for a different adventure!
  6. @@acw271011 I ordered them from ETSY from MacDriftwood. I found he had fairly decent prices @@calgarybride2015 I love the idea of them in a tray of sand!!! @@yasminea84 those are really pretty! I love that they are painted in gold! my starfish wouldn't be able to work the same. I will figure something out
  7. @@veryvalentine What a great idea! I think I will look into this with my wedding coordinator like @@dreamweddings suggested. I don't want the stress or bother of shopping for stuff before my wedding. I prefer to just enjoy with my friends and family. So glad you posted this! I would never have thought of this
  8. I just received my shipment of starfish! They are perfect. Now to figure out how I am going to incorporate them as part of our escort cards for our guests. Also, hoping I will not have any trouble bringing them to Mexico.
  9. @@Kerrierf I ordered from the same etsy shop. The bow tie and suspenders are super cute. Our little ring bearer will be 3 and a half. He will be in khaki pants and white button down shirt.
  10. @acw271011 Stella York really isn't that expensive compared to other designers. I think her prices run from $800 to $1800 Canadian. For my dress with the taxes it was just over $1500. In the grand scheme of things that's not too bad at all. Which dress from Stella are you looking at?
  11. @@starbx123 this is great news! Thanks so much! I haven't gotten to that step with my wedding coordinator yet. Right now I am on the seating plan step. I have to say I have had great service so far from our WC we are working with Tania D.
  12. @@acw271011 thank you so much!! It's a Stella York. I was able to order it but it is now discontinued!! I am so lucky as I don't think I would have loved any other dress as much as this one I am a huge fan of the Stella York dresses. They are so pretty and they have really good structure for the curvier girl @@youngandinlove thank you Welcome to the message boards of so many giddy girls getting ready to marry the man of their dreams! lol I have been "creeping" the boards a long time now but only recently have I started to really post. I notice that there are so many helpful ladies here. So post away! To everyone else who put in their vote - Thanks!!! means so much to me to hear that I am choosing the right gown! I just love it and I don't think I could imagine wearing another dress. I will go shopping for a nice blinged out belt/slash this weekend
  13. @@Mrsktobe I never thought of doing a meet the guest sheet or booklet. What time of info did you put in there? Seems like a great idea!
  14. Mexico brides! I have a question, has anyone ever been to the Maya Mall at the Barcelo resorts? I am curious if it's just a mall for clothing or is there a market as well that I can purchase some local wedding favours for my guests. I ordered some starfish from the US and now I'm worried that a) they will not get delivered to me in Canada as d'uh they were an animal and I probably won't be able to bring them in to Mexico. I am not too upset by this as I will gladly keep them all for my Christmas tree! However, I still would like to have a nice gift for my guests and why not support the locals and save on filling my luggage! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  15. @@MissJen3 @@maybeoneday @@Wafflesmom @@beckys98 Thank you so much ladies! It means a great deal as I was quite shy to post my picture. This was the first dress I tried on and it was the only picture I kept because it was the one that made me feel like me and a bride. Looks like I will be saying yes to the dress!!
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