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  1. @@isaroy We also chose the Mint Breeze package. The reason why we chose this is because we are going to be outside a lot during our stay and we thought for dinner (only 3 hours - unless you pay for longer) a little air conditioning would be a nice treat at dinner time. We were really stuck between this package and the Strawberry Passion one. We aren't staying at the Palace so I am not sure what the banquet rooms look for you. The room we have looks nice and you can have it decorated nicely. again for 3 hours out of the whole week of outdoor festivities I truly think it will be a welco
  2. I decided to go with some flat sandals. This way I will be comfortable and not have to worry taking my shoes off when we are on the beach taking pictures and what not.
  3. @@Moments That Matter Wish I could enter the contest but alas, we are only getting married in November. Love the photos you post!
  4. @@OL88 My spreadsheet said the banquet room was available from 6:00 to 10:00. we didn't want to extend the hours but I have a feeling we could extend to 11:00 or later but there was a cost. I can't seem to find how much they would charge. If I find it I will post here for you. We are just going to move our party to the Jaguars Club.
  5. @@snswedding2016 ooooh thanks so much for your post! I am getting married at Barcelo Maya Palace. I had no idea there was a cenote on site sounds like there have a lot of activities at the resort that you don't really have to leave unless you are looking for a different adventure!
  6. @@acw271011 I ordered them from ETSY from MacDriftwood. I found he had fairly decent prices @@calgarybride2015 I love the idea of them in a tray of sand!!! @@yasminea84 those are really pretty! I love that they are painted in gold! my starfish wouldn't be able to work the same. I will figure something out
  7. @@veryvalentine What a great idea! I think I will look into this with my wedding coordinator like @@dreamweddings suggested. I don't want the stress or bother of shopping for stuff before my wedding. I prefer to just enjoy with my friends and family. So glad you posted this! I would never have thought of this
  8. I just received my shipment of starfish! They are perfect. Now to figure out how I am going to incorporate them as part of our escort cards for our guests. Also, hoping I will not have any trouble bringing them to Mexico.
  9. @@Kerrierf I ordered from the same etsy shop. The bow tie and suspenders are super cute. Our little ring bearer will be 3 and a half. He will be in khaki pants and white button down shirt.
  10. @acw271011 Stella York really isn't that expensive compared to other designers. I think her prices run from $800 to $1800 Canadian. For my dress with the taxes it was just over $1500. In the grand scheme of things that's not too bad at all. Which dress from Stella are you looking at?
  11. @@starbx123 this is great news! Thanks so much! I haven't gotten to that step with my wedding coordinator yet. Right now I am on the seating plan step. I have to say I have had great service so far from our WC we are working with Tania D.
  12. @@acw271011 thank you so much!! It's a Stella York. I was able to order it but it is now discontinued!! I am so lucky as I don't think I would have loved any other dress as much as this one I am a huge fan of the Stella York dresses. They are so pretty and they have really good structure for the curvier girl @@youngandinlove thank you Welcome to the message boards of so many giddy girls getting ready to marry the man of their dreams! lol I have been "creeping" the boards a long time now but only recently have I started to really post. I notice that there are so many helpfu
  13. @@Mrsktobe I never thought of doing a meet the guest sheet or booklet. What time of info did you put in there? Seems like a great idea!
  14. Mexico brides! I have a question, has anyone ever been to the Maya Mall at the Barcelo resorts? I am curious if it's just a mall for clothing or is there a market as well that I can purchase some local wedding favours for my guests. I ordered some starfish from the US and now I'm worried that a) they will not get delivered to me in Canada as d'uh they were an animal and I probably won't be able to bring them in to Mexico. I am not too upset by this as I will gladly keep them all for my Christmas tree! However, I still would like to have a nice gift for my guests and why not support
  15. @@MissJen3 @@maybeoneday @@Wafflesmom @@beckys98 Thank you so much ladies! It means a great deal as I was quite shy to post my picture. This was the first dress I tried on and it was the only picture I kept because it was the one that made me feel like me and a bride. Looks like I will be saying yes to the dress!!
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