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  1. This was one of my top 2 choices too!!! We are going with "'Til the World Ends" by Andy Brown.
  2. We just did the final payments on ours and received two complimentary trips as well. I don't know about yours, as Air Transat typically has direct flights to its destinations, but for our Air Canada package, we still had to pay the taxes and 'connector fees' ($510 out of the $1,815) so it didn't turn out to be 'two whole trips' but it seems as though you should have gotten more than the $755 paid for ... best of luck!!
  3. @@Hola2016 How is your search going? We booked through Ana at Now Destinations - she has been so so wonderful Our final payment is due tomorrow and if it's anything like our deposit due date, she's going to be bombarded by our wedding guests! We've got our fingers crossed our resort is as lovely as it seems and I will definitely give a full report when we are back.
  4. @@calgarybride2015 again, thank you so so much! This is all fantastic information for us and to pass along to all our guests!! We are planning to do a trip to Havana - as a group trip - but that was when we thought 20 would come. Figuring out the logistics for 50 will be fun We are also hoping to do the catamaran excursion too so I'm glad to hear they were both your favourite!! We booked knowing the food wouldn't be the same as other countries but what got us was the beaches - they look unbelievable!. I'll just tell my Mom and all our Filipino guests to pretend like they are going back ho
  5. Thank you SO much @@calgarybride2015!! That was truly music to our ears. I very much appreciate you taking the time to write. We haven't been to Cuba and could definitely use some pointers! Thank you again!
  6. Thank you for this info! Our wedding is in May and customs + all the bags weren't something I even considered!!!
  7. For those that got married in Cuba already - congratulations!!!!! Did anyone or is anyone getting married at the Paradisus Varadero?
  8. We just returned from attending a wedding here last week - it was amazing!!! The resort and wedding staff are awesome!
  9. Hello everyone!!! Just trying to see if there are any Paradisus Varadero brides or brides-to-be out there? We are getting married in May (2016) and trying to see some recent wedding reviews but not finding much luck My fiancé and I are kind of concerned because it seems like all the reviews coming from Cuba lately are really hit and miss - and more misses. Has something changed over there or are people being extra picky these days? Any info on the resort and especially on weddings there would be so very much appreciated! Fingers crossed!!
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