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  1. @@DLS2016 How was your wedding!? @@beachbeth I highly recommend going to playa del Carmen with your party!! I love it there. There is great food, lots of shopping and a cute lounge area layout with chairs and tables by Starbucks. We also saw a wedding party going to xcaret for the day prior to their wedding. They also have a GREAT beach area and restaurants/bar. If you like shrimp ceviche and cold beer you will absolutely love it! How was everyone's experience with pictures?! @@lcole1 I'm sorry I just saw your post! Yes everything went smoothly for us! We didn't meet with a weddi
  2. @@DLS2016 hi! Thank you!! The wedding was perfect! I was a little hesitant getting my hair done at the resort spa however they did a wonderful job. I was very happy with it. I'll have to find the name of my stylist. Photo pro was also fabulous. The service they provided exceeded my expectations. We have Milo and . They really went above and beyond. We didn't have any of their traditional wedding packages instead we opted for dinner on the beach. We had our own server and the food was very good and kept coming and coming. I'm very satisfied with how our wedding turned out. I would highly reco
  3. @@lcole1 I'm planning on wearing a t-strap heel and taking a pair of wedges with me. Going to try to wear them as long as I can. Our ceremony is in a church but we are having dinner on the beach so I'm not sure if there will be some kind of a walk way or just sand. Anyone use the spa for hair? If so how did it go? Recommendations for stylist?
  4. @@lcole1 I'm using the resort salon for my hair as well. I tried having an outside vendor come in but they were charging too much. More then the vendor was charging for services. As far as the meetings we went a bit untraditional and didn't go with the resort wedding package. We are getting married in the chapel in 5th avenue and having dinner on the beach so we didn't work with a wedding coordinator. We worked with staff from the relations. We are going to meet with the photographer either the 1st or 2nd day we get there depends on the church meeting. I am a little worried about tra
  5. Thanks for sharing! That's great info I didn't know! I'm Would be a little nervous having them steam it. We are having dinner on the beach. It's a little late at 7pm but that was the only time they gave us.
  6. @@DLS2016 I definitely will! I still have to send them 5 songs for our video. They have been good so far. Yes it's getting close! What's the name of the box you got. I was thinking of bringing a steamer just in case my dress got wrinkled in the process.
  7. @@cayls55 We actually signed our contract with the resort photographer. They were very accommodating and our questions. I wish we would of had more time to look more into it but our wedding is May 9 so time kind of got the best of it. Wanted to see how everyone is planning on taking their dress on the plane. I was thinking of just carrying it on and hoping for space in the captains closet. Feel like I have an extra luggage with all the extra things I need to bring.
  8. Yes the vendor fees are quite outrageous! I had to cancel Beso brides because of that. Is anyone using the resort photographer? I'm trying to decide if the getting ready session is worth the extra money. They charge a pretty hefty fee also.
  9. @@DLS2016 could you give me contact information for Lisa Johnson if she is only a $50 fee then I much rather pay her then deal with all this back and forth. I did tell the coordinator at the resort but she only said they offer bridal make up. Also I spoke with Michael from yucatan hair and he mentioned they would just get passes and add it to the total. No we didn't go with a traditional wedding package. We requested dinner on the beach which is part of their romantic dinner package. What kind of wedding cake selections are they giving you?
  10. @@DLS2016 So I spoke with the hotel and they told me that I would have to pay a penalty of $300usd plus $63 for a day pass to have someone come in a do my makeup. I'm trying and hoping there is a way around this. Did you speak with the wedding coordinator or is there someone you can direct me towards that will help with this? It seems ridiculous that I'm being charged a penalty. It seems like they are charging extra for every little thing. I was told $12 per fresh flower on the cake.
  11. @@beachbeth congratulations!! Actually we are having our ceremony at the chapel in fifth avenue then dinner in the even on the beach. We aren't having a traditional wedding party.
  12. @@DLS2016 I'm going to use them also!! How did you get the resort fee waived!?
  13. @@DLS2016 are they coming to the resort or do you have to travel to them? I got prices for the spa to do my hair and its $375 with a trial and style. Seems a bit much.
  14. Any idea if your marriage license will be valid if church in Mexico signs it or will I need to get married in court then the church in Mexico?
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