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  1. @@beachbeth There are non-motorized activities like sailing (4ppl per boat) that can be reserved. One day they had bull riding on the beach . We did a private catamaran cruise through paradise sailing. I think it was $900 for up to 12 people for 4 hours. There was snorkeling and swimming and we saw a sea turtle!! I actually touched it! Amazing!!!! Another option is to get some taxis and go to DT playa Del Carmen! There is a lot to see there. Re: people preforming Mayan Dances and it's very safe. Police presence and security is everywhere.
  2. @@beachbeth we had ours after the dinner. It was more like a reception than anything. They provide Champagne to you and your guests directly after the cormoney. We didn't get to drink any though because we were on the beach taking pictures, but I hear it was very good and lasted the 45 minutes until dinner!
  3. @@Harper370 how did your wedding go? Do you have any advice to offer future brides concerning the resort or PhotoPro?? Congrats!!
  4. Ladies!! I feel like I stumbled onto a gold mine! A found a company in Playa that sells custom painted maracas!! Check them out on Facebook just search for inplayarm! They are cheaper then the vendors I have found on etsy!! We bought our luggage yesterday via Samsonite SoLyte. The 25 inch spinner only weighs 25.3 pounds. I ❤️ Them so far (as much as I can tell by rolling them out of the store and into the car). I got them on sale for $150 each.
  5. Yay!! I'm so excited for you!!!!! What restaurant are you having your reception in? Here is a link to the box it's a bit pricey at $50 but to me it's worth it because it is carry-on specified. https://weddinggownspecialists.com/content/courier-destinationweddingkit I heard the hand steamer wasn't worth packing. Most brides reported not needing it. I did hear a lot of women say they hung on the dress in the bathroom and turned on a hot shower and that was enough to get the wrinkles out. The resort charges $30 to steam the dress if you need it.
  6. @@Harper370 for some reason I thought your wedding was after mine (June 26th). Plesse let me know how PhotoPro goes!! I plan on carrying my dress on the plane. They have these wedding dress boxes you can buy online that have a convenient carrying handle. My dress is just too heavy to luge around in the bag.
  7. @@Harper370, I am using the resort photographer. They are not the best in the area but they are decent. We went with the gold package which include 4 hours of coverage. If I had a bigger budget, I would have hired Del Sol. They have amazing photos. I really want to go underwater TTD photos. Those plans are still up for debate though.
  8. @@beachbeth and @Icole1 I will also keep in touch as planning progresses. I will also let you know how things go after I get back! There is a vendor I found online that does rental decorations I believe the name of the company is called Love and Lacy. She brings all the decor you want to the resort in a suitcase so you don't have to pay the outside vendor fee which saves some $$.
  9. @@Harper370 ljohnson@destinationweddings.com This is Lisa's email address. She is will probably refer you to the main DW website to fill out the form and you can always request her as your agent. She is awesome. She arranged my wedding day in 4 hours no joke. We are going with their standard options for the wedding cake which includes the flowers. in all honesty I haven't gotten that far yet. They gave me a spreadsheet with all the options for the day of and the prices that go along with them.
  10. @@Harper370 it's not too late to work with DTW. You only pay a $50 fee and it's well worth it in my book. Honestly, if you are getting prices like $12 for fresh flowers I would consider it. Are you buying a wedding package?? If you aren't that's the only reason I can think of that they would charge for flowers on the cake. I didn't speak with the wedding coordinator at the resort, I went through my destination wedding coordinator Lisa Johnson. Seriously, I promise you half the stress is taken out of the planning when you have someone helping you. I don't know where I would be without Lisa
  11. I have a picture of the beach bar I got from my wedding coordinator. How do I post a picture on here?? Let me know if it doesn't show. Is anyone working with Destination Weddings? I am, and my coordinator has been fabulous!! Okay try this.
  12. @Icole1 my ceromony is at 5:15pm at the jungle location. I chose this location because there is more privacy than on the beach. To save money we decided on doing the included semi private dinner. Then at 8pm we are having a 2 hour "cocktail" hour at the beach bar with a DJ. I think so far we have 15 people and that includes the wedding party and family do we know al least 10 more ppl will attend. It's only 4 months away!!!!
  13. @@Harper370 the resort doesn't offer airbrush makeup and I wanted airbrush so they waived the fee because they couldn't offer the service. They did say they will be offering it sometime in the future though.
  14. @Harper320 yes they are coming to the resort because the resort waived the fee. I scheduled Yuctan Hair / Besos Brides. They are reasonable priced. I believe it's $200 for airbrush makeup and an updo. Their scheduling is super easy, no deposits or contracts. Initially, I thought that was crazy but said what the hey why not!
  15. @@Harper370 we are getting married in the states first. It's cheaper, plus no blood tests and addition wait time. Also I am using Yucatan Hair/ Besos Brides for hair and makeup! They have very reasonable prices!!
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