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  1. @@jwences Hi! Congratulations ! Don't worry! I'm sure we all were! All these emails and papers I know it's a lot! I've finally found someone who is having their reception on the sky deck! I hope I can catch up with you after your wedding to see some pics of your reception if you don't mind just take it one day at a time with planning, there is still plenty of time to make sure everything is ready. I decided to make and bring my own decorations as I do not want to pay $250+ for each table (I have 5) and everything else which is crazy money! The only thing we have to pay for is the set up fee.
  2. I hope there is someone to dim the music. Im going to ask my WC, maybe you should too xx Sarah
  3. Theres a video on Facebook someone said it took 55 seconds but it depends on how fast or slow u walk. Hope this helps xx Sarah
  4. Yes @@Rubyy we have chosen Shenko Photography. Their work looks amazing, however they aren't an approved photographer so there will be an $800 fee to pay for them to come into the hotel on your wedding day. To be honest, I don't care because their pictures look so amazing and they reply to emails really fast (I'm in London, England). I can't wait to meet them I feel like I know them already. Check them out! https://www.facebook.com/shenkophotography/ Sarah
  5. @@Rubyy your welcome I'm bringing my own. Only having centrepieces and chair bows for the reception. I'm keeping the ceremony very simple xx Sarah
  6. Hi @@Rubyy xx first off congrats! I feel like if u don't mind spending that much for only 10 guests then that's fine for you but personally I wouldn't be splashing out on that much when you can save so much more money and u can have your own input and ideas on your decor xx Sarah
  7. Hi ladies congrats to you all! I'm getting married in oct 2016 and I have chosen shenko photography to be part of our wedding experience, I know there is an $800 outside vendor fee. However they want to come to the hotel a couple days before they ceremony to do some test shots and find the best locations. Does anyone know if I will have to pay for a day pass? They will be coming between 4pm-5pm. Thanks xxxx Sarah
  8. Hi! Congratulations all brides to be! I'm tiying the knot 25th oct 2016! Sky rooftop ceremony I've requested to join the fb group my name is Sarah 'chica' Hanna please accept [emoji4] can't wait to be part of it and share our ideas [emoji16] Sarah
  9. Thanks for all your responses @@dreamweddings would you be able to get pictures of his work? Ideally on mixed/Afro Caribbean guys. Thanks xx Sarah Haha @@ashhtayy he's found a barbers in Mexico that does his kind of hair but it's just travelling there and stuff xx Sarah
  10. Hi ladies! Congratulations!! My FI woke up this morning worrying about his how his hair will be on our wedding day. We will be staying in azul fives for a week before the big day, and his hair and grows fairly quickly - he has soft Afro hair and keeps it cut quite low. Does anyone have any experience in this? Obviously we don't know what the salons are like over there! Thanks in advance! Xx Sarah
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