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  1. We ended up pairing up couples. Doing a photo scavenger hunt, musical chairs and then a logical puzzles with drinking involved. The bridesmaids and groomsmen said they had so much fun.
  2. I don't live in the GTA but I bought stuff from dollar tree and made my own fans. I don't think the dollar stores has any beach stuff yet but if you want mini bubbles, I got them there. Just make sure you keep your receipts so customs doesn't think you are a vendor and throw all your stuff out. You should look on facebook for selling groups that brides are on to resell their stuff. I found mine a bit too late but saw the majority of what you listed posted on there.
  3. Hi there, Seems like you already started your search last month. First thing is to narrow down your search by looking at a price range, what amenities you'd like to have at the resort (club, buffet, no reservations for a la carte dinner, what kind of style you want the resort to look, close to a city, how the beach is, etc. A destination wedding planner/ travel agent could help with narrowing down your resort. I booked with a Canadian destination wedding planner, Julie Thiverge, who is trilingual (English, French, and Spanish) and she helped greatly. Just married at Platinum Yuca
  4. Oops. Just saw that I posted two links that are the same in my above post. Here's the link to Occidental at Xcaret. https://www.barcelo.com/en-us/hotels/mexico/riviera-maya/occidental-at-xcaret-destination/ Did you already book the church? Because the resort could probably do it for you. Especially Occidental. I'm not sure about the other one since it's opening. All inclusive resorts usually offer wedding packages.
  5. Congrats! I just looked off google maps and it looks like two all inclusive resorts are somewhat close. Occudental at Xcaret: http://www.hotelxcaret.com/en/ Hotel Xcaret Mexico : http://www.hotelxcaret.com/en/
  6. The link that @@MarieSamSanchezPhoto is great. I didn't end up buying from them but the customer service was great and I got a sample of 6 colours to see how the fabric was like. The seller can do a customization so that each bridesmaid can pay for their own. I think the price for each dress is about $70 and shipping is from Singapore so about $30CAD. I don't know the cost for shipping in bulk.
  7. It would be great if you posted your location so that we can answer your question better.
  8. If you get off-the-rack clothing from retail stores, then you don't really need an advanced time. If you get a tailored suit from Moore's, then I'm sure you would need to do it in advance. Le Chateau has a linen suit: http://www.lechateau.com/style/jump/product-bundle%3ASSLOOK341986_053/productDetail/Occasion+Suits/SSLOOK341986_053/cat39240906 My fiance bought his suit at RW&Co. Him and his boys are most likely going to H&M to buy pants and accessories but if they can't find anything, then Express and Le Chateau are a last resort. Also depending on how much your fiance wants
  9. Since TamiandQuang is a new account and you may think it's not a real review, it is. I can vouch for this review since I was a guest at the wedding. LOL at the comment about Q being a boring person.
  10. I attended Tami and Q's wedding and have to agree that getting a drone was cool. The wedding video was amazing as well.
  11. You don't sound like an evil stepmom. I also hate the sense of entitlement and lack of appreciation from people. I'm only a few years older than your stepdaughter so age does not have to do with anything. If she really wanted to go then she would find a way to be there. Sounds like if you give your stepdaughter the option of having a loan, you are not going to see that money ever again. You can ask her how much she is willing to spend for the trip. Ask if she would go by herself and only for a few days to save on costs like you said. Your stepson is going so at least some family will
  12. @@MichelleOKeefe I think because you have 60+ guests booked, you don't even have the option of a free semi-private dinner anyway. I meant "private beach bar". The bar is on the beach where other hotel guests can't crash the dinner and party. If you look at this map: http://www.resortsmaps.com/maps/map-PrincessResort-RivieraMaya.jpg it is located at the very bottom right (#20). I have also seen a private indoor reception that was setup at the Grand Riviera Princess.
  13. Congrats on booking your wedding at GSP! Although I'm not actually booked with GSP, I am booked at the adults only side(Platinum Yucatan Princess) as well as I have been to GSP for a wedding. The wedding packages offered are also the same. The photos of the reception that @@JasminMattPhoto posted are at the private beach bar and cost is $100USD/person with a minimum of 40ppl. Even if you don't have 40 guests, you still have to pay for 40. The wedding I went to, they did a semi-private dinner and I didn't even notice if there were other people from the hotel there.
  14. I haven't been there but I was actually thinking about Alux Restaurant for my bachelorette dinner/party. The other restaurant that @@DreamArtPhotography looks nice as well. I'd like to know what you end up doing.
  15. I've never had botox before but was wondering if you've ever tried using a makeup face primer? It's probably a cheaper option and you wouldn't have that "surprised" look after getting botox.
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