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  1. mjulce

    GONZALO is the BEST!!!!!

    Hello, Do you mind telling me how much it cost?
  2. Happy to hear your experience was great. is it possible you can share some photos of your set up?
  3. Hey ladies, Ill be doing a site visit September 19-23 so I will get as much details as possible for us all. Im planning a May or June wedding 2016.
  4. Im happy to read such great review. I was planning to have about the same amount of people. Approx, if you don't mind how much did your whole experience cost to have a wedding there? I have a budget of $16, 000, hoping I can get the most out of it.
  5. Hi Ladies, I've been eyeing this resort, and wanted to go with it because it seems like a a great, clean, facility. Please,let me know!!!
  6. mjulce

    Possible Bermuda Brides

    Im Planning a BErmuda wedding "Possibly" I would love your advice on locations, or vendors to work with.