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  1. @@dwbride2014 did you make an appointment to view your flowers from Flores Riviera Maya when you got down there to make sure they were what you wanted, or were you just brave and waited for them to show up? I think I would want to see a example of say a centerpiece to make sure it was what I wanted! I really want peonies for my bouquet and have picked to get married in April just so I can have them!!!! Also, did they put the centerpieces in the vases for you or did you bring them down? I'm thinking of gold vases and not sure they would have them there? Thanks!
  2. Hey Beloved Brides! I'm considering this resort next year for our wedding, can anyone let me know why you picked Beloved over other resorts? For anyone who has been, was it a big deal not having much night life around? Thanks!
  3. Anyone who has booked can you please tell me how many days in advance you had to arrive? We are considering having our wedding on a "off day" to ensure that we get the locations we want for our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. My consultant at Palace resorts told me that on Friday and Saturday they hold a wedding almost every hour between 12-6.. That's crazy for such a small reort! I don't know how they even hold so many and where they put everyone! So I was told that because of this they cannot book a location for any of my events until two weeks prior to the wedding, which makes me really nervous! Thus us picking a week day....however we are told that we must arrive three business days prior to our wedding for a symbolic ceremony (so no arrival/travel day and no weekend days count) and four days in advance for a civil. So say we decided we wanted a symbolic and wanted to get married on a Monday, we would have to arrive the previous Tuesday! Seems like a lit to me, anyone else have any thoughts. Thanks!
  4. @@dwbride2014 Glad to hear you had a great wedding there! This is one of my top choices (along with Azul Fives or Beach, Grand Velas or Beloved). I'm not too keen on the preset wedding decoration packages and have been trying for weeks to get information from the wedding consultant on options for decorations outside of the packages and have had no luck. At one point she said that I would have to book to see what decorations I could have....this seems really weird to me that you wouldn't be allowed to know what decoration options you have before booking your wedding there. Anyone on here have any information on the al a carte decoration options? Or any information about the preferred vendors that they use (something else they don't want to tell me before booking) Thanks!
  5. Ah, darnit, squash my dreams! hahah.... well at least the fiance would be happy about the chocolate on chocolate
  6. Oh fantastic!!!!! I'm really hoping for a chocolate with coconut filling (or vice versa) for one layer and champagne with strawberry filling for another! Why don't they advertise this on their website for the cakes????? It may sound silly but this makes me want to lean towards Azul Fives even more! Oh decisions decisions!
  7. @@kmk2016 Thanks so much! Did they happen to mention about being able to do any filling in the cake? Don't bother to go back and ask, I'm sure you have lots to do anyhow! Was just wondering
  8. Thanks for the wonderful review! Playacar Palace is in my top three picks, along with Grand Velas and Azul Fives. I was just wondering what exactly made you come down to picking Playacar Palace? I've never been to Mexico and don't think I will have the luxury to do a site visit before I book a place (I need to get on it, I want to get married in April 2015!). Thanks for any advice!!!! And congrats!
  9. The cake thing is ridiculous, I agree, especially if you are paying for it! I've wondered if they won't charge the outside vendor fee for a cake with filling since they don't offer it. I'm sure the baker will deliver it to the hotel so you won't have to go out and get it, and they wouldn't need to be on grounds so they aren't actually coming onto the property. If anyone finds out about this, please let me know. I don't want the airbrush makeup, I'm not sure how well it would hold up in the humid climate. I live on a tropical island and its crazy humid here and nothing stays on my face without some super professional high standard setting spray. I've been doing a bit of research on local area make-up artists that do hair as well (mine is unruly in the humidity) and would actually consider going off resort to have it done. I know this sucks but, hey, gotta look good for those wedding pics! I really want peonies for my bouquet and Lomas charges an insane amount for them, something like $75 PER peonie! Insane! Local florist don't even charge a third of that! Still trying to decide between Azul Fives, Grand Velas or Playacar Palace....Anyone else want to share why they went with Azul Fives??? Its so hard making a choice when you can't see the places!
  10. @@reynbow. I've wondered the same thing about an outside planner, although I wonder if the resort would even charge the crazy outside vendor fee for that as well. I've read on here that a bride (from Azul Beach, another place I'm considering) used a outside florist and it was MUCH cheaper and turned out well. All she did was have so wine in her family or the groomsmen meet the florist at the gate to the hotel and then they brought the flowers up themselves in a taxi (the drive to the gate from the resort was around 2-3 miles from the road I think). she didn't have to pay the outside vendor fee, I think they just charged her a set up fee, which they will already charge you if you are bringing your own decorations, but I was told by my Karisma agent that this cannot be more than $250. I thought about doing this for my flowers as well because u really want peonies and Lomas charges some crazy price for them! I even thought if doing this for my cake as well, I was a specific flavor with filling (which the hotel doesn't do filling in the cake) and a specific design. Plus I've read at Azul Beach at least they don't let you take any if the cake away from the reception. I really want to have cute take away boxes for guests to take back to their room for a late night snack or breakfast the next day! I figured if the cake is brought in they can't tell me no. Same bride also had another makeup and hair artist come to the hotel and the waived the fee because the artist did airbrush makeup (even though she didn't use it) and the hotel did not offer that. They told her she would have to pay for a day pass but then that was even waived since the makeup artist wouldn't be eating there or using the facilities. I've read to try and find a photographer who also does videography so the you only get charged the outside vendor fee once... But even still it may be cheaper to pay to have them stay at the hotel. What the same geniuous bride did for that was " book" the photographer/video into the same room where there was only one persone staying so the price would work out to be cheaper, plus the photographer gave her a discount because of the crazy outside vendor fee. I feel the stress, I haven't completely decided on Azul Fives yet because of the vendor fees and Lomas, although it is in my top picks!
  11. I like the idea of a beach ceremony and sky deck or garden/pool reception, but that's just me, I want my toes in the sand when we say our vows! Why is there such a high fee for the sky deck? And why do they charge you more per person to have the dinner up there? Seems a bit steep?
  12. Oh mojito bar sounds awesome, I didn't really like the beach from what I saw on trip advisor though at Sensatori....and inter-property visits would be awesome as well, I'm actually a bit surprised they don't allow this
  13. @@lhills, would you mind emailing me the pic please? I'm new on here and haven't reached the post count to view pics (ugh) .... My email is sd237005@@gmail.com thanks! also, does anyone know what the pack up rain options are.... I haven't been able to get a straight answer from any place I've been considering and really don't want to get married in a ballroom .... Would love a place that has an outdoor covered area .... Thanks! These forums really help!
  14. @@kmk2016 thanks for the info! Is this the stuff they serve around the pool bar and other bars as well? I've read somewhere that they are building a gin bar as well which seems exciting, kind of like the tequila bar at Azul Beach
  15. I think I've decided to go with A J.Crew suit in the blue Japanese seersucker for my groom and then have the groomsmen in the matching pants, white shirt and maybe a vest..... I thought j?Crew would be good because they can all just order inline or go to their store and pick it up!
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