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  1. Hi Anikakoko, I got married at Blue Venado and ended up renting 5 vans (each can accommodate up to 14/15 people) and each van was quoted for 120 USD, so I paid a total of $600 USD for the 5 vans. I dealt with Paradise Transfers and they were great and very accommodating. My guests were dispersed in different hotels in the 5th ave and also one main resort so they figured out once I provided the number of guests per hotel and they organized their pickup schedule based on that. Problem with taxis is that they can only accommodate 4-5 people and they will charge you quite a bit as the bea
  2. Hi there, The civil ceremony cannot be altered. The judge can allow (as he is doing with you guys) to read some poems, give you a message , sharing some vows and things of that matter for the first part of the ceremony. Then the solemn part begins where he introduces himself, the fact that he is acting of behalf of government, he has to read a letter 3-4 paragraphs that is part of all civil ceremonies in Mexico and where it stands the roles/obligations of those getting married. Then he will ask if you have come without any pressure to get married, ask the people around if there are
  3. Check out Sara Tamargo! She has some reviews here and I have seen her work in an African American bride and loved it. She did my hair and make up and I was very pleased as well, but I am latino Find her on facebook as ST Makeup Artistry. Jazmin
  4. @@KristinC, As far as my understanding goes, that won't matter in the US. If you want to go the less complicated way, get the joint one which is what would align to what the US and Canada have. Have a lovely wedding!!! Jazmin
  5. Hi KristinC, I got married in a different venue but I am Mexican and can speak for what our legal ceremonies mean in Mexico. Under Mexican law you have 2 types of marriage: - Joint Partnership (Sociedad Conyugal in Spanish) : This means that anything that the couple acquires after they get married, e.g. house, cars, properties and such belong to both 50-50. So in case you divorce you have to split right in the middle. Anything the both partners own before getting married belongs only to them and it is not up for splitting in case of divorce as it was acquired before the marital con
  6. We got married this last March and hired Jhankarlo for our wedding and trash the dress session. Our communication from day one was fast and great. I did get a good vibe from his team and then we met him a day before the wedding for a quick chat and we loved his energy. The day of our wedding, mother nature decided to pour on us, we were a bit let down but he was there, all smiles and on time. He helped us embracing the weather and assured us the pictures would be great. We had an amazing time that day (monsoon included) as well as the day of our trash the dress session where we almost
  7. @@caity59 Hi there! I just got married there last March and it was awesome, I have left a review under the venue section and I am here for any questions you may have! Jazmin
  8. I stayed at Sandos Caracol but actually got married off-resort. Yes, it is a bit expensive but I can tell you that every kid on my wedding group had a blast because they have so much going on for them. Maybe worth trying one more time? April is still expensive but if you are willing to move it to a different month you will get some really good prices (this is for all resorts in general).
  9. I loved the work of Sara Tamargo from ST Make Up Artistry. www.saratamargo.com
  10. I just came back from my wedding (off resort) but we stayed at Sandos Caracol because they had a lot of things for the kids to do! We had a total of 10 kids coming to our wedding and they all had a blast between the pool, waterpark and the kids club. 100% recommended!
  11. Hi Kristina, Welcome! You will find a lot of information and great people to help you here! Regarding your hair and makeup, I ended up booking Sara Tamargo (ST Makeup Artistry) and she and her team were great! I wasn't willing to pay the fee or the daypass at the resort I was staying at (got married off resort) and she was flexible about picking me up and taking me to her office to get all dolled up. She has a great vibe and her work was impeccable. Good luck! Jazmin
  12. Hi everyone, I joined this community back in June 2015 but someway somehow I wasn't able to post anything until now! I have already got married (less than 2 weeks ago) and would love to provide any help to any bide looking for some guidance regarding wedding planning in the Mayan Riviera. I will look into actually providing proper reviews to all my vendors (all of them were AMAZING!) but if you have a question, shoot away and I will help if I can. Main info - mixed wedding Canada & Mexico, most of the people flying from Edmonton, AB and Monterrey Mexico. Wedding March 5,
  13. This is a review of:

    Sara Tamargo Makeup Artistry

    Best hair and make up I have ever had!!

    Pros: Flexibility, price and wow such energy!
    Cons: None!
    I contacted Sara through her Facebook page and she responded immediately to my questions and provided me with a great quote.  I could sense a great energy in our email exchanges and I loved the fact that she was super flexible with accommodating not coming to the resort (and for me to pay the entry fees) but instead picking me up and taking me to her office (twice!) to get my hair and make up done.   She and her team got me all dolled up for my wedding day (March 5, 2016) as well as my trash t
  14. This is a review of:

    Blue Venado Beach Club

    What a great venue!

    Pros: Communication, service, food! AMAZING
    Cons: None
    We initially reached out to Blue Venado a bit less than a year ago when we decided to get married in the Mayan Riviera and we realized that resort wedding packages were not giving us what we wanted - a private setting with unlimited time and no vendor fees, this on top of avoiding resort day passes for all my guests that were not staying at the same place due to having a mix list between Canadians and Mexicans.   We were very pleased with how quickly they were responding to my emails and also
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