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  1. Excellent then I'm glad I still have lots of time to decide on this! And yes, we kind of planned it that way we thought it would be fun and an excellent anniversary every year! Oooo very exciting! We just might! As for tips and tricks, I haven't found any yet. We are trying to figure out what we are going to do for dinner. We are currently at 40 people + a few kids and have the Mexican a la carte booked, which they said they would allow 45 people. But if any other people book (we are past our deposit deadline now) we have to decide if we want to pay the extra thousands of dollars for late comers. What are you doing for dinner?
  2. Oh I'm so happy I found this thread! I'm getting married here on May 5th! We opted for the Ocean Gazebo because we really wanted to get married in the sand. Do any of you guys know if I need to book at the resort salon super early for our hair, or do I have time to do it? When my WC sent me the form to fill out to book at the salon, it made me think I have to do it ASAP!
  3. Hey @@SunyMel This resort is high up on my list of possibilities. Would you be able to email me the price list of extras? donna.jo88@@gmail.com Thanks! Donna