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  1. I'm trying to decide that also. Did anyone do a small reception back home? Before or after Mexico? I really want to do something for my grandpa, uncle and friends that couldn't make it. this may be a dumb question but what day do you use as your anverisary the day you legally get married or the day of the symbolic ceremony in Mexico?
  2. @@ebecks I actually haven't picked a dress yet! I'm horrible and waiting until the last minute. This weekend I'm going to one last shop and hopefully there will be one that I love, if not I have a couple others that I really liked to pick from. I liked the Patience dress a lot, but have decided I wanted a more fitted dress on the bottom. The only problem I've ran into is when I find one I like the train is longer than what I'm looking for.
  3. @@ebecks I tried on the Patience dress. This post is kind of old so I'm sure you probably aren't still looking but just in case someone else wanted "real" pictures! I don't always look this pissed off, my mom was just randomly taking pictures.
  4. @@jeffandrobyn Destinantionwedding.com got back to us today saying they would give us $150 credit towards our room contract. They are saying that the original form I sent them with my request of time, locations and date they were not able to open. Going back it does look like it was done on my mac using a program called pages, so if she didn't have an apple computer or phone it wouldn't have opened. Regardless what would make her think that she should just go ahead and make the decision on when and where I would want to have my wedding! And then a week later when I asked her point blank, did I get the time, date, and locations I requested would she say absolutely. At that moment she should have said she never opened the form and didn't know what I requested. Ahhh it is SOO frustrating dealing with them. I really wanted to believe that she would finally apologize for her mistake and make it right. I feel like a wedding travel agency site like destination wedding.com don't even care about their customer services because most likely the people they screw over will never be getting married again, and have no use for them again.
  5. @@jeffandrobyn we are using destinationweddings.com. It's complete bs and I was so upset about it that I won't even speak to her anymore, my fiancé unfortunately has to. I had an email that I asked her if we were confirmed for the date, time, and locations I requested and she said, "absolutely". We are currently working with destination weddings.com customer service to get some sort of compensation since it is too late at this point to change, since there is another wedding at the tequila terrace that day and the day before and after. What upset me the most about it is my TA continues to act like it was not her fault and I should have known that the tequila terrace would be booked. She does this for a living, I am doing this for my first time, so I'm not sure how I should have known!
  6. I'm in the exact same boat as you are! Everything was going to be exactly what I wanted with the reception at the tequila terrace and then after my TA lied to me and told me it was confirmed, the truth came out and now I'm at the preferred pool. Of course it was after I had already sent my save the dates out so there was no changing it. What TA company are you using? I too would love to see more pictures of receptions at the preferred pool. I looked on the internet for HOURS one night and all I came up with is the 2 or 3 stock photos. Let me know if you have any luck with finding pictures!
  7. @@JaxBchKay Thank you for all the info and the budget sheet! Does anyone know anything about the lighting options for receptions? Pricing and pictures? Thank you!
  8. I would love to get a budget sheet from someone ashleyg280@@gmail.com Has anyone had their reception or cocktail hour in the preferred pool area? If so I would love to see photos! What outside photographers have people used and do you recommend them? Also would love to hear about peoples experience with the StylingTrio for hair and makeup? Is it worth the money and how much is the outside vendor fee? Thank you!
  9. @@JaxBchKay did you have to pay for an outside vendor fee to use The Styling Trio? If so how much? I have read really great things about them and would love to use them for my hair and makeup!
  10. @@vancouverpetunia I'm sure all of the locations are beautiful, I just had my heart set on the tequila terrace with the view of the ocean. Our destinatonweddings.com TA insisted on handling the resort wedding reservations, my fiancé and I asked her a week ago to make sure that we got what we had wanted before sending out our save the dates. She confirmed that it was all set, and then yesterday I get an email showing ceremony location as the beach at 5:30 pm and reception at the preferred pool. None of it was what I had asked for...and of course they are completely booked for the date so it sounds like there isn't much wiggle room.
  11. I am getting married at NOW Sapphire in October. Could someone send me the budget sheet? ashleyg280@@gmail.com Also who has or is having their reception at the preferred pool? Does anyone have pictures? I had requested the tequila terrace but it looks like I may be stuck with the preferred pool...
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