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  1. Have you picked a resort? When looking at resorts we found that the more expensive resorts had more inclusions/better wedding packages. Seems the cheaper resorts nickel and dime for every little thing (one wanted a "separation fee" $300 to have more than an hour between ceremony and reception). We chose Now Jade because they had great wedding packages, we are paying less than 7000 and got a great rate for our guests to boot :-)
  2. It really depends where you are flying from and where you are going and when. Mexico is cheaper than Dominican. Our TA found us the best rates in April. We got $1550 for Now Jade (5 star Riviera Maya) in April 2016 from Edmonton and Calgary. Our Toronto prices are around 1200. If you are still looking you can give my TA a try, she was able to have quotes for us within about 15-30 minutes. mbaugh@@baconkotravels.com
  3. awesome :-) my TA said our rates are good as long as there is space available up to 45 days prior to departure :-) oh and if the online prices are lower even after we book they will price match :-)
  4. I just did invites, no save the dates. We had 90 days for guests to get deposits in. My TA told e WestJet only gives 30 days. I didn't think it was enough time for save the dates AND invitations. Plus we are expecting more than 50 people and my TA said they only guarantee 30, the rest are based on availability so I wanted people to book asap!
  5. I don't think I have ever waited for a response from my agent for more then an hour - even after hours! She was able to book all of our guests from various cities across Canada. mbaugh@@baconkotravels.com
  6. I've only met with my agent once, we do most communication over phone and email, but she is in Edmonton and she is amazing and specializes in destination weddings - in case you don't have anyone yet Megan @ Baconko Travels mbaugh@@baconkotravels.com
  7. there aren't a lot of options in Canada for no foreign transaction fee credit cards. Amazon, Marriott, and Sears all have options that I know of. Also heard of someone negotiating the fee - from 3.5 down to 1.5 with his bank....
  8. I just got back from the new Moon Palace in Jamaica. I was looking at their wedding packages to compare to the hotel we are getting married at (Now Jade) and if I was reading it correctly it looked like they give unlimited free private functions if you have so many rooms booked. Definitely talk to a Travel Agent that specializes in destination weddings. We are using Baconko Travels in Edmonton, they were great with helping us choose the perfect resort for us :-)
  9. congrats!! I just got back from the new Moon Palace, it is amazing!!! We booked with Baconko Travels, they are in Edmonton but they specialize in Destination Weddings an so far have been really helpful. Good luck planning!
  10. April 2016 at Now Jade. My TA said 1 year in advance is perfect, and she specializes in destination weddings and is amazing si I trust her. We got every 11th AND 12th person free with Transat :-)
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