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  1. Used for our wedding. Paid over $400.00. Our florist made it. Selling for $200.00. Pick up in Caledon/Brampton/Mississauga.
  2. Post Wedding Items for Sale. Pick up in Caledon/Mississauga area. Broach Bouquet - $250.00 Bride Bag - $25.00 Royal Dolton Flutes - $60.00 8 Gold Frames - $30.00 Jewelry and Hair Piece- 12 New Lanterns - $12.00 White Robe Size L/XL - $25.00 Thank you Notes - New - $1.00
  3. Hi HisMrsWright, We will be getting married at the Royatlon in 5 weeks. We too have a larger group. We are 50 people including my FI and I. Your budget really depends if you want a private or semi-private reception. We have chosen the private reception. There is a fee of $300.00 to change your reception to private. You will also be charged open bar per person per hour. You will also need to chose your menu and pay for each person. We chose the free package which only includes 10 people and then paid the additional people. It was cheaper for us to do it that way. Feel free to ask a
  4. We haven't been charged any décor set up fee, but apparently when we arrive, they may charge us. Will have to wait and see.
  5. Wow! That's amazing! The Royalton have very strict rules and vendor fees. They only allow outside vendor for photography and videography. They wont even allow DJ or any décor that we want to hire. We have been stuck with the resort which prices are nearly double what I got quoted from outside vendors.
  6. Wow! That's a great price. We are getting married at the Royalton and paying $10.00 each chair. They won't allow us to use an outside vendor.
  7. Also, ask your resort if they can get it for you. We are getting married at the Royalton and were quoted $9 each bottle.
  8. Weren't your getting married at the Royalton White Sands? Did you end up switching?
  9. We are getting married May 4. Arriving at the hotel May 1. Our guests are paying $1683 for 7 nights. We put our deposit down October of 2014. The dollar is awful but at this point my fiancé and I are just going with the flow. It's out of our control and we cant lose sleep or stress about it.
  10. @@kristendelpin - we are getting married May 2016 at the Royalton White Sands.
  11. What company DJ did you use since they use two companies?
  12. Did you use the hotel DJ? I've heard some say the sand flies were bad and others not complain. Our vision was to get married in the sand and have our reception in the sand. So I don't think we will be changing our location. I will make sure to bring bug spray LOL!
  13. I don't know if you are on facebook, but their is a Royalton group which has some pictures of the beach set up. Not many but it does have some. I am not sure when you are getting married but we are getting married in May and are having a beach wedding. I can send you picture after our wedding, of course that's if you haven't had yours yet. LOL!
  14. I too am getting married at the Royalton in May. I have done the following: - Save the dates - Dress - Woohoo! - Guest deposits all made - Wedding Bands - Photographer I decided before I started planning that I would tackle one item at a time. I have a very demanding job and don't want to be overwhelmed. I want to enjoy the entire planning and not stress or dread. I am currently working with our florists for our floral for our centerpieces and bouquets. I too am having a broach bouquet done. I haven't decided on table clothes either. Tinren - what kind of table clothes did your
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