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  1. Hello! Thanks for starting this forum. Playacar is at the top of my list, and was communicating back and forth a lot with them, but now they have stopped returning calls and emails. I'm looking into 2016, April. Im worried my guest are going to have to pay a lot for rooms, does anyone know if they gave you a discounted rate for your guest with a room block? I have about 75-85 guests. I agree with earlier comments, hard to get up to date info, and im REALLY confused on if food is included with the reception prices they list our with the venue selections. anyone have an update on this? Thank you all for looking into helping out!
  2. Has anyone gotten married there recently? still recommend it? I'm looking at Venues in the Bahamas right now, and all these comments seem a few years old. Any tips would be great! Thank you!
  3. Hello! Congrats! Quick question - What resort did you get married at? I'm looking into that location, and have reached out to multiple resorts, Playacar palace is the top now, but do you have other suggestions for me?
  4. Hey there! What resorts have you looked into? Im looking for a Feb or March 2016 wedding and Punta cana is on the list - have you had good connections with specific resorts? Congrats and good luck! Thanks, Melissa
  5. Good Afternoon from a Snowy Boston! Looking forward to this since i have heard rave reviews about this forum! Just got engaged in December I am looking for venue suggestions at resorts, or smaller resorts too, for a Spring 2016 Wedding for about 60-80 guests. Bahamas, BVI's, and Playa Del Carmen are places we love - have contacted many hotels and resorts, and they are all just so expensive! Don't know if its me being picky and choosing expensive places, or i had the wrong idea all along that destination was cheaper. Any suggestions to look at are much appreciated! Thank you Best, Melissa
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