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  1. Thanks Joyce!!! We ended up sending a Pre departure letter and recommended downloading whatsapp! @@calgarybride2015 we also decided to to have breakfast at the buffet each morning at the same time in case people want to meet up! Less than a month until we leave so I am full panic mode
  2. Hi All! We're down to tiny details now! My FI and I have been trying to figure out a way for guests to communicate at the resort. My FMIL does not have a smart phone and my dad is not on Facebook. Our original idea was to create a facebook group so we could use the WIFI and people could message through that, but not everyone would be included. We'll plan on being at the same restaurant every morning for breakfast around 9 so that everyone can meet up there and discuss plans, but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas?! thanks!
  3. if these are still available, can you email me at Alison.hardy1@@gmail.com ?? Also - I'm getting married at Now Larimar too!
  4. In case anyone else was wondering..... You can do an extended cocktail hour. Luisa said it's an extra 12$ per person
  5. apparently I don't know how to use this thing to @ someone haha... Congrats on securing your date!! that is so exciting!!! I thought i got an email from someone on site... let me see if i can find it! I didn't think their packages were horrible either -- we are going to do a trash the dress session back at home so our fur-child can join us, so we'll probably just do the basic package!
  6. Do you have the wedding spreadsheet yet? I think it's in US dollars but I can send it to you!
  7. @futuremrsvanthof I THINK you can, but you can also make many upgrades from the your moments package. Once you get the spreadsheet, you will be able to see that! We went with the your moments, but adding on a cocktail hour and champagne toast for all our guests.. with that being said, I feel like we are planning the most casual destination wedding.... we are going to plan a welcome brunch when a majority of our guests arrive, and then a night out with the bride for the girls and night out with the groom for the guys. Those are our only things planned... then then wedding... Part of t
  8. Thanks you too!!! I know, I feel so much better about planning early. I finally got the spreadsheet, and now I keep forgetting to use it. We got our boarding pass invitations, so I am making my fiancé sit down and send them this weekend! good luck to you!!!
  9. Us! We are traveling the Feb. 13-20th with our wedding on the 18th!
  10. I am sure I am being insanely impatient! We paid our deposit last week, and we still haven't heard from the wedding coordinator... from everything I've read, I know they take their time, until closer to your wedding, but I really want the spreadsheet everyone talks about!! anddd my date still isn't booked on the website... again, probably being super impatient-- mainly needed to vent
  11. So sorry if I've missed this.... but has anyone does an 'a la carte' type package? Our guest list is at 35 people right now, with about 12 people being, no's but we wanted to invite regardless. We are having a large reception when we return, so a reception at the resort isn't really something we need. We are looking at booking the complimentary package, with additional cake and toast for the extra wedding guest, and then adding in the cocktail hour(or 2!) , and a sit down semi private dinner.... I couldn't find anything directly thru the website, but found the 'a la carte'
  12. @andrea2015 -- awesome news!!! do you have any info you could email me?! @perianjay We have so many choices! Now Larimar, Paradius Palma Real, Iberostar, Dreams, Secrets, Breathless are the top choices ( as of now ). Things have been so crazy at work for both of us, that I haven't made him look at resorts... maybe on valentines day, how romantic
  13. Hi Everyone, so after a brief discussion with some friends, they suggested we look into the price difference for early Feb 2016 ( say the 6th-13th), vs end of Feb/March (27th-7thish) Does anyone know if it'd be cheaper to go in early feb, as to very beginning of march?
  14. @@Everly we have some idea, actually this weekend we were supposed to narrow down to 3 resorts and our guest list, but that didn't happen We are looking at Breathless, Now Larimar and Barceló Bavaro Palace Deluxe, but I would like to look at Paradisus Pamla Real also! @mcrose03 I can email you what our TA has sent us on some resorts. I haven't worked directly with resorts yet, but our TA has given us some general ideas on pricing! @babykuki dreams looks wonderful! our friend got married there and highly recommended it. @@maria1488 thank you so much! We're looking at feb 29th o
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