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  1. I love your welcome letters! They look awesome. just reading that you have less than 2 weeks gives me knots and excited butterflies! Hope you are feeling stress free & easy breazy :0)
  2. Our date is May 14th We will be married at the ruins (pics below) If looking at the wedding set up pic, the ruins are set to the right. Reception at the beach club (also pic below). The place is HUGE!! There are 11 restaurants, 10 bars, multiple pools. Adults only area, but kid friendly areas as well. A different show every night. We loved it last time. If you're a Costco member, it's totally worth checking out pricing there. That's how we booked last time and it saved us tons of money. We didn't book that way for the wedding as I wanted a travel agent to organize the trip and field questio
  3. Congratulations!!! Hope your trip was amazing Those are both gorgeous! Adriana Papell I have never heard of. Just popped on the website. Such pretty shoes. Was one pair more comfortable than the other?
  4. Hello SarklyM ! I'm also using Barbara (Babs) at Wright Travel. She's amazing. I've heard a lot of complaints from Brides that do not receive response to email and calls, but Babs is always super prompt with my inquiries as well as my guests. She's also super sweet! Really glad to have found her. We chose the Occidental Grand Xcaret for our wedding after going on vacation and becoming engaged there last year. We fell in love with it.They offer a kids club with loads of activities for the littles. Also, it's next to two ecological parks- Xcaret and Xplore which are both amazing expier
  5. Hello ladies!! I really want a pair of blue heels for the ceremony. If you have found some would you mind sharing info or pics? I need inspiration.
  6. Not knowing how many guests we'll have stinks! lol. We are inviting 80-ish, but who knows how many will actually be able to attend. The gazebo is gorgeous is gorgeous, and was the initial reason I really wanted to get married there.
  7. Hi Ladies!! Just an update... We chose April 1, 2016 as the date. I know April fools day but what the hell....sounds like the best date ever to me. We decided on Occidental Grand Xcaret as we fell in love with it in November on vacation (also where we got engaged). Babs at Wright Travel is my agent, and she's awesome! Supper responsive, and really friendly. I guess next up is Save the Dates. I really like the passport style so I need to do a little research on those. How's everyone else progressing?
  8. Hi emmapalmer!! Thank you for the reply. My fiancée and I were engaged there in November and I just love it there. Good thinking about buildings 19-21. Perfect spot all close to food and the swim up bar! The coordinator that emailed my Travel Agent is Carolina. Not sure if I can switch? How many people did you have at your wedding? What package did you go with if you don't mind my asking? Oh and congratulations on your wedding emmapalmer!!! So exciting
  9. Hi Amber2686, Are you still planning your big day at the OGX? I'm planning mine there for 4/2016 and would love someone to chat with about the resort and planning.
  10. Hello Ladies!! Just wondering if any of you are planning or have planned a wedding at the OGX? I would love someone to chat with. I'm just starting out and could use some tips
  11. Hi Jen, I'd love to hear about your wedding experience with the OGX. My FI and I were engaged there in November and are now planning on a destination wedding there as well. Thus far I have contacted a TA and looked at the packages offered by the resort so any feedback would be awesome!!
  12. Hello lovelies!! So happy to have found this site. Sooooo Much amazing info. Have any of you booked the OGX? Any tips or feedback?
  13. Mrs. K, Great review, thank you!! We are most likely going to be married at OGX in spring or summer of 2016. We love it there and it's close to our hearts as that is where we got engaged. Can you share what package you went with? Food options? How were the decorations besides the flowers? Any pics you can share? Thank you again & congratulations!!
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