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  1. Hi @@KimberlyD, I noticed no one has responded yet, so though it may be late, hopefully it will still be helpful! We had an uncle act as MC and only remembered to ask him 2 days before hand. Oops! But it worked perfectly. All he did was grab the mic from the DJs at the beginning to introduce us, the dances, handed it off to the best man and maid of honor for the speeches, and announced when to go grab food. The ONLY issue was when the music for our first dance started before I had fixed my bustle. But they just restarted it and we were good to go! Our MC didn't mind at all and I don't thi
  2. @@Starum2288, We picked all of our songs, but I think they would fill in with others if you wanted to. Picking all of them was a little daunting, but ended up being pretty fun because all the songs we heard throughout the night were ones we love
  3. Hi @@Starum2288, We used Mega DJ and got just the DJ, no MC. Overall they were pretty good, you pick out all of the songs though, so you can't complain about the song selection! They did a good job at timing and feeling the "mood" of the reception and were flexible if we wanted to request a certain song anytime They didn't have one song my husband decided he really wanted to hear that night so they hooked up my phone and we played it off of that! If you don't splurge for the MC (which was ridiculously expensive in my opinion), I would suggest asking a friend or family member ahead of time t
  4. Hi @@Starum2288, We had the beach BBQ and it was AMAZING. All of the food was delicious and people were raving about it while going back for 2nds and 3rds
  5. @@MurphyKieffer, We were in the same boat. I love pictures, but there was no way we could spend over $1500 on a few hours of photo snapping. I uploaded a few pictures from our photographer to my profile on this site, but I'm not quite sure if I posted the link correctly (they're also out of order?)! Let me know if you don't see them on the gallery on my personal page
  6. Nichole0878

    Wedding Photos :)

    Pictures from out wedding at El Dorado Royale on November 13, 2015. Denise from Caribe Photography did a wonderful job :)
  7. @@MurphyKieffer, We used Caribe and were very happy with our pictures! I went with Caribe because I wasn't into the "dramatic" style of some of the other photographers, so I was very happy with the style of our photographer. We had Denise and she was great at wrangling our large group, really listened to our preferences, and caught some great moments. She was there for 5 hours and for us, that was more than enough time to take pictures of getting ready, the ceremony, our friends and family, of the two of us together, and a good amount of the reception - and total cost was $1,200. Hope that ans
  8. @@kelbiiztd Thank you! That and the Koozies are my favorite part @, Thanks! We're leaving on Tuesday so we packed everything for the welcome bags into a large suitcase tonight and I'm amazing how compressed we were able to get everything. There's plenty of room left! To add another detail: The Music!! We've booked Mega DJ and had to pick out ALLL of our own music. Which I'm partly happy about because I know we'll for sure love all of the music played at our reception, but it took a while for us to pick every single song, and even longer to go through the DJ's whole list of availabl
  9. Hi @@EriLu11 and @@LoLoJabs, I'm sorry to hear you ladies are having the same issues. Unfortunately we've had no compensation for poor service, but maybe I'll bring that up in our meeting with the onsite coordinator and something might come of it? Either way, now's the time to start calling people directly, that's how we ended up getting everything wrapped up really fast. Before calling I went through every detail that we wanted and had requested, compared it to what was confirmed on our spreadsheet, checked to make sure all of the prices were correct then put together a list of the issues
  10. Hi @@kfracassi, First of all - I have been working with Marisol as well until she left the company this past month and I feel your pain. Ugh. Make sure you check everything multiple times for errors! I corrected a bunch of stuff before we made our final payment, but I'm happy that everything is done (correctly!) now. Yes, the rehearsal dinner was the free "shared-basis" dinner. We ended up not going with it because I feel like there will be too many scheduled events that way but they let us pick the time and menu ahead of time.
  11. Thanks, everyone! We are SO excited! I'm just nervous about making sure I have everything together before we leave. Thanks, @@RandL2015 Yours is coming up so soon as well!! Congratulations and have fun! @@Jem2016, We have to be there 3 days before the Wedding. We weren't planning on going that early initially, but you don't have to twist my arm too hard to get me to spend an extra day at the beach! Congrats on the engagement! My sister and I had a productive weekend finalizing everything for our Welcome bags and I'm so so happy with them! We had koozies made through Ets
  12. All the details and eventually, the final resort and wedding pictures!
  13. Hi @@Keegan, I'm glad you're having a good experience with Ana! We weren't so lucky with Marisol, but in the end it all came together We're heading to EDR in just 2 weeks so I'll try to answer some of your questions! If you're curious my planning board is here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/79691-nicholes-planning-board-for-el-dorado-royale-wedding/and I plan to keep adding to it as well as a review after we get back! 1) With booking a certain number of rooms we qualified for a free cocktail party. So I included that on our itineraries. I am disappointed though that the
  14. Thank you, @@vancouverpetunia and @@acw271011! Some details on all of our printed things: Although we never started with a strict "theme" in mind, I'm happy with how everything came together! We customized our invitations through Zazzle.com: http://www.zazzle.com/pd/spp/pt-zazzle_invitation2?dz=d70e902a-aafa-44de-af7b-4b9ba97ccd34&side_name=front&style=5x7&cornerstyle=normal&media=matte&color=white&printquality=4color&design.areas=%5B5x7_back_full_vert%2C5x7_front_full_vert%5D&context=114454943271300394&view=113333167731492616 And includ
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