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    February 27, 2015
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    Moon Palace Resort and Spa, Cancun Mexico
  1. I got engaged in Santorini, Greece. It is STUNNING!! I could recommend the hotel we stayed at in Santorini- Astarte Suites. Honestly, it was the most gorgeous hotel I had ever been in. I believe they do weddings there, as we actually considered it. We opted for Mexico, only because it was easier for our guests to get to. Good Luck!!
  2. I really like the way everything with Vistaprint has turned out. I just recieved by itineraries and programs in the mail, and adore them. The turn around was fast, even with the slow shipping option.
  3. If anything, this process has made me an intant RSVP'er to anything I am invited to. My wedding is less than four weeks away. People who RSVP'd "yes" haven't booked, reached out to book, or spoken to my fiance or I. People who were in the wedding party, "have no money." People who didn't RSVP, are asking, "how do I book for your wedding?" It can become a nightmare, especially when you are finalizing invoices and prices. I keep telling myself, everything will be fine when I arrive there. But it is certainly a stressor!
  4. Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies will be having your special day around the same time as me at Moon Palace?? Our wedding is Feb. 27, only four weeks away!! The insomnia and anxiety is normal right?? Hahaha
  5. I am not sure if this has alreayd been discovered, but I thought I would share. I have been looking for pashminas to include in my OOT bags. I found them for $4 each at the store 5 Below. They are wonderful quality, had an assortment of colors, and patterns, and come in a plastic bag to help keep clean during transport.
  6. I did the same thing! I purchased an Etsy template for the STD and the invite, then printed them using Vistaprint. I regret purchasing the template because I could have probably made it. But, it was only $20 and it gave me more time to do things like plan my OOT bags
  7. I checked there a few days ago, they were out of stock :-(
  8. Is anyone selling raffia fans?? I have searched online, but only find some on ebay and the shipping is a bit high. Oriental Trading and most other sites are sold out. Anyone have any interested in selling??
  9. Does anyone have the template for these wedding programs? Could you please email it to me? Maureen.mccarrick@yahoo.com
  10. I was hoping to include a welcome packet in my oot bags. Information about the wedding day, as well as the Groom's dinner. I thought it would be nice to include some important information, the wedding day schedule, and the welcome letter in the oot. I'd appreciate any suggestions :-)
  11. I have spent hours searching Etsy, Pinterest, Ebay and still come up empty handed because they are just SO expensive! Does anyone have any recommendations for wedding itinerary ideas or templates? Or if you've used someone that you can recommend?
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