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  1. @@Mrsktobe are you guys doing a cake cutting or speeches? Ours will be about a month and a half after we get back. Not sure what to do.
  2. Hey ladies, I am trying to get things all lined up for our AHR however I am a little lost as to how to do it. Essentially we rented a big group camping area at our friends Golf Course and a lot of people will be bringing their campers and camping for the weekend. We are going to do a meal for everyone on Saturday and have our friend DJ so we have a dance. We want to provide a bar but it seems kind of silly to as lots of people will obviously have their campers stocked. That being said with 250 people possibly coming I don't want to do an open bar because well we just dont have that kind of mon
  3. Thanks ladies! I did it backwards.. lol fell in love with the work the photographer did then got the price. Now it seems nothing compares. Oh well. I will have to keep looking who knows what I will come upon
  4. Hey ladies, Just curious what you roughly spent on photography. I have fallen in love with the idea of a video of our wedding and photos but the photographer I really want is $5700! Seems a little steep to me although he does do fabulous work
  5. @@Mangosong.. Yes definitely. Feel free to PM me and I will try my best to help you out.
  6. Hi Ladies! thank you for the feedback. Since there was such poor communication going on with the resort and everything and it was such a flip flop back inforth... We ended up just switching resorts... I believe everything happens for a reason and now we are staying at the Westin and having our wedding at the Langosta Beach Club!
  7. Hi ladies! Things are starting to come together for our April 2015 Costa Rica Wedding. We are booked at the Langosta Beach Club to get married and host our reception. Now I am looking for some photographer recommendations! Photos are the biggest thing to me so Im having trouble picking a photographer. We are looking at staying around the $4000 range for our photographer. And also any other recommendations would be great as well Aside from the location... we don't have anything else lol. Would love to hear your feedback!
  8. @@Mangosong any luck on choosing a resort? My sister and her Fiance spent a week at the Riu and they loved it. They said it was very modern. We liked the Westin as it would be new to everyone and unfortunately we could get a tour operator for our dates to supply travel to the Riu
  9. Hello ladies! Any Westin Playa Conchal Past or present brides. FH and I just booked this resort for our wedding in April of 2015!
  10. Hello ladies.. I have a bit of a dilemma.. We are supposed to be heading to the Dreams Las Mareas on April 20th-27th, 2015. However we were just informed that the date we had chosen had been double booked and is unavailable. The only dates they have are the the day we arrive (the 20th), the next day (21st) and the day we leave (27th). Does anyone know of any offsite locations around that area that we may be able to host our wedding? Thank you!!
  11. Hello lovelies! We are going Dreams Las Mareas in 2015 as well. Hoping to get in a little later in April around the 25th. Does anyone have any pricing information regarding additional guests etc? If so I would love any info you have britt_k5@Hotmail.com. Thanks so much!
  12. Hello and congrats! We stayed at the Majestic Elegance two years ago and loved it. It was an absolutely beautiful place. Sorry I cant offer any wedding advice on any though
  13. Hello all! Another newbie in the group. I am a Canadian bride planning a DW somewhere warm. My Fiance and I are trying to decide between Dominican Republic, Punta Cana and Curacao. Felling a little lost right now trying to decide on a resort lol. Hoping to gain some insightful knowledge from everyone here.
  14. I would love some pricing info if anyone has it please britt_k5@Hotmail.com. Thanks!
  15. @@Potter8 Wow I just looked at your wedding pictures and amazing! It looks like it was such a beautiful day! Just out of curiosity would you be willing to share what your day cost? I am trying to figure out roughly what it is going to cost us to get married at the Royalton. If you would like feel free to email me. britt_k5@Hotmail.com. Thanks so much!
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