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  1. I looked in to buying a knock off Inbal Dror dress from DHgate. The shops I looked in to had good reviews, but none on the specific dress I was going to order. I emailed them and asked if they had pictures of THEIR work, not the stock photo of the real dress. Their response was that "it would look like the photo". That response terrified me! I did a little more research and saw a couple 'fails' of the dress I wanted and quickly changed my mind! Even if I was getting a very expensive dress for $200 it wasn't worth it if it wasn't wearable. I looked for several weeks on Ebay and found someone that actually received the knockoff dress I wanted. She decided on another dress. I bought the dress for cheaper AND I got to see the actual dress before hand! My point is, search ebay and other used wedding dress sites before you risk spending hundreds of dollars and get and unwearable dress! https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/blogs/entry/174-%7B%3F%7D/
  2. So, it has been a while since I've made a post! I've been busy with work and school. I feel like I have no free time, which is making wedding planning difficult!! BUT, back in December I found my dream dress and ordered that thing faster than you can even imagine! It was my Christmas present to myself! Here is the deal, I had been searching months for hours a day and my fiancé was really starting to get annoyed. It was so bad that he 'banned' me from searching for wedding dresses for a month! Oops! Anyway, my dream dress was a lace Inbal Dror with pockets! I couldn't find anything remotely close in bridal stores around here and there was absolutely no way we could afford the real thing! So, I started getting desperate and looking into those sketchy foreign dress sites where they use the designers stock photos instead of their own. After, seeing too many dress 'fails' I told myself I would need to see it before I ordered. I found my dress and the designer had good reviews, but there weren't any reviews on the dress I wanted so I sent them an email asking if I could see a picture of one THEY made. This is the response I received: "we dont have,dear,but it would like the picture". So, like any reasonable person I ran for the hills! It worked out for the best! I started searching ebay since I knew what to use in the search, now. After a few weeks, MY dress appeared! Not only was it the dress I was going to order, but it was cheaper! Turns out, the lady had changed her mind (for the fourth time!!). So, she was selling the dress that she ordered off one of the sketchy sites! Not only was I able to see the actual dress I was getting, but two out of the four measurements were the same! Yayy for less alterations! It was meant to be and my fiancé is happy that I'm no longer obsessing over a dress and have turned to AHR details! The attached picture is the stock picture of my dress. I don't want to post pictures of myself in it until after the wedding!
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone! I think we have decided to do the dance and cake cutting since our grandparents won't be at our wedding and it is kind of a big deal for them. We aren't planning on having speeches, but if someone decides they want to give an impromptu speech we are fine with it. I do plan on wearing my dress for at least a little while, but I will probably change in to something more casual.
  4. We are considering having our 'honeymoon' 6 months later or maybe having a really awesome trip for our 1 year anniversary. I think waiting a year would make it more special and be a nice way to celebrate!
  5. Hello again! So as we are getting closer to the Holiday season, I've had a lot of family start asking what we want for Christmas. Overall, there is absolutely nothing that we need, but our families do not take 'nothing' as an answer! Is anyone else's family like this?! I am hoping I can get some ideas from you all! I would really like to tell them to save their money and that all we want is for them to attend our wedding in Jamaica in 2016! However, $2000 isn't nearly close to what they would spend on us for Christmas or even all of the holidays combined for 2 years. Is there a nice way that I can say this or hint at it? Or should I come up with some random small things that they can buy us? I considered telling them that they could put the money they were going to spend on us toward something for the wedding like the cake, catering, my dress or his shirt and tie. Again, I'm not sure that they would go for it... Thoughts?!
  6. No problem! I have been using that function a LOT for wedding things! I figured out the designer of the dress I want by doing that! lol
  7. @ If you go to google, click on images. In the search box there is a little camera to the right. If you click on that you can upload an image or paste a URL. This will search the web for places where that image can be found and might help you figure out where you can order them!
  8. I am beginning to work out some details for our AHR. I know we want a DJ with dancing and just a fun celebration, but I'm wondering about including some of the traditional reception things. Are you guys still having a 'first dance'? It won't technically be our first dance since we will go dancing while we're at our DW. Are you doing a traditional cake cutting? Again, we will cut our wedding cake in Jamaica, but very few people will be there. Speeches? We won't have a bouquet toss or any of the cheesy dance songs, like the cupid shuffle, but I just can't decide on some of the others! HELP! What are you all doing?
  9. I love this thread! It is helping me get some ideas for things I've been struggling with for our AHR! 1. As cheap as possible, hopefully under $2000 2. Semi-formal 3. Just under a month after we return 4. Undecided. Maybe a little Jamaican twist somewhere in there since we're getting married in Jamaica? 5. I'll wear my wedding dress at least for the first part. Then, maybe change in to something easier to dance in? 6. NO IDEA?! 7. I'm hoping a friend who is starting out in her photography business can give us a deal. I'd like to capture some of the celebration. 8. Undecided. I'm considering making my own since I love to bake and it would be cheaper. 9. Also undecided. Strands of lights. Im thinking eclectic and mismatched to go along with our bohemian beach wedding. 10. I think we will play our wedding video and maybe do a slideshow of pictures from our trip.
  10. I LOVE your post! I have a lot of the same reasoning as you! The only difference is that I AM being guilt tripped by both my mother and my FI's dad about the price. We keep telling them that they aren't required to be there and that we are planning to have it recorded to play at our reception when we return. I don't however understand why they are complaining about the price when, like you said, they take large trips every couple years AND they offered to help pay for a wedding if we have it locally... Uh, well! I get to marry my best friend! I am happy as long as we are both there. Anyone else that comes is a nice little bonus!
  11. This is a tough one! I would ask before, but also let them know that there is no pressure to attend! I have one best friend that I know is attending and will be a bridesmaid and another that I am not sure will be able to make it. If she is unable to attend the wedding, she will play a major role in our reception when we return! This way she still gets to play a 'bridesmaid' role and be by my side.
  12. I would walk down alone! The day is about you and your soon-to-be-husband. I think the moment will be even better between you two when it is just you two looking at each other with no one else to worry about!
  13. Love the idea! So much more fun than another email/letter and who knows where a luggage tag might be by the time the trip actually comes!
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