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  1. You're really brave, I'd have too much anxiety over that one! I would just be sure to have everything in writing, and a lot of signed contracts. Good news is though that because you've booked before they opened, hopefully your wedding rates will be lower than if you booked later on
  2. We gave the option to RSVP by mail, or by email. We made a generic wedding email to make things easier. People loved being able just to email it in, we got a ton that way. The only people that mailed them in were the grandparents(don't have computers so we didn't put that option on theirs)
  3. We invited 80 people and have 20 confirmed coming with us. However on our guest list were a lot of seniors, and a lot of people with kids, so we're really happy to even have 20
  4. Seriously feels like I can't access anything I want to. Ahhhh
  5. We used theknot.com they had a couple cute nautical themes that we really liked.
  6. It sounds like you're practically writing the experience we went through when we booked our wedding. We had a lot of people say they weren't coming...and they're almost all coming now. What we did was made a list of the things that were most important to us. For example, can the people who are the closest to us come, is it what we imagined, are we going to be okay with a more intimate wedding. The only really important guests who we'll be missing on our wedding day is my sister and her husband. At the end of the day, do what is going to make you and your fiance happy, you're marrying each other, not the members of your family. We're still getting a lot of grief over the fact our wedding is happening in Mexico, but not as much as we used to. The closer to the deadline we're getting, the more people are starting to get excited about it. Good luck!
  7. Hi everyone! I was googling for White Sands reviews tonight and stumbled upon this forum. SO happy to have found it
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