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  1. @@lhills thanks for the info. I'm worried about lighting on the sky deck. Is all the lights that are in your pick just standard or did u pay extra for the ones on the gazebo?x
  2. it was Emma Fiallo. However I've been in correspondence with a Marta Ramirez. The charge has increased in the new prices, but because I booked my wedding before the increase I think that's why it's still $9pp for that first additional hour x
  3. @@TinkerSofi I've been charged $9pp 11pm-midnight then every hour after midnight is $14pp
  4. Thanks for the reassurance on the photo vid package I obvs have to pay the $800 on top of that for outside vendor fee but might look into booking a room for 3 nights at $600. Does anyone know if that $600 price is for room only or does it include GI also? Ok, so I'm still mega confused!!! Is the sky deck and the sky terrace 2 different things?! And has anyone got any pics? Thanks in advance x
  5. @@Nanlvsrav do you have any pics of the sky terrace? I've been confusing myself thinking the deck and terrace are the same thing! Hi ladies, just wondered what your all paying and getting in regards to photo & video packages? I don't know if I'm getting a god deal or not! For $3250 (USD) our package consists of; 6 Hours coverage on your wedding day (photography & video) 2 photographers, 1 videographer CD all pictures (Original) Slideshow CD edited photos (150) DVD Video DVD Trailer Beach TTD; Transportation to and from the beach Special license to shoot on beach 2 Hours TTD Session 1 photographer CD All pictures Your selection of 25 high resolution edited files Opinions please ladies!!
  6. @@TinkerSofi my WC just got back to me and you can extend until whatever time! I've asked to extend until 1am. The first hour to extend is a special price at $9pp then it's $14pp because it's classed as out of hours service. I'm glad I've only got 40 guests!
  7. @@andreaberretta who's your WC? I need to get in on this deal making! Lol @@TinkerSofi I'm emailing my WC right now to see why I can't extend when others can! Totes not fair!x
  8. @@TinkerSofi how have you swangled that?! My WC said that the latest you can have is 11pm on an outside venue and midnight inside. Are you having your reception on the sky deck?
  9. @@andreaberretta not sure how you attach them sorry. Could you email me them if you have time please? Vickiw89@msn.com x
  10. @@kmk2016 thanks I'll look into the day pass, although I think it would be nicer for them to stay over the night of the wedding so they are not worrying about getting taxis home etc.. Yes all staying for two weeks, most are using it as their yearly holiday. Prices are ridiculous here in the UK for August as it's our summer holidays when the schools break up so prices just rocket! It's working out just over $7200 for a delux room for 2 adults for the 2 weeks. We have one family of 5 (2 adults 3 kids) and it works out $18275 for 2 weeks all inclusive. Extortionate!! Most guests don't want to go for one week as it's a 10 1/2 hour flight. Too far away for just 7 nights.
  11. Hi Ladies, a few of my guests are staying at other hotels because they can't afford 2 weeks at Azul. Just wondered if anyone knows and special prices for 1-3 night stays for wedding guests. Is there any offers if you are part of a wedding party? Thanks in advance!
  12. http://karisma.honeymoonwishes.com/ my WC just sent this. Link for the free wedding website x
  13. In the always and forever it says you get a free personalised wedding website. My WC hadn't mentioned anything about it. Anyone know? X
  14. @@sueann20 aw no are you having to pay the increased prices? I think I JUST about got away with paying the lower! Decoration wise we're having the pure glam memorable moments table deco for reception and because the ceremony and reception is set up the same time on the sky deck I've asked if I can have the gold chivari chairs from my tables moved over for the ceremony as they will be up there anyway! My WC said she'll get back to me lol. We're hiring 2 white sheers for the gazebo and 2 floral crowns for the gazebo. Can't find the post about someone asking about a dance floor area on the sky deck, but I really wanted a designated area for dancing but I sooo refuse to pay $1300 for a led dance floor!! I think I've got round the issue! I've just bought 2 LED disco lights off Amazon for $65 in total delivered with really good reviews, that are small, lightweight but the lights cover a good amount of floor space. The deck is tiled anyway so perfect for having a groove on. I've asked my WC if they will be an extension that I can plug them into and she said yes this will be fine.
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