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  1. Hi @@cheryl144 congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We are getting married at the Royalton on 2nd April 2015, we booked the wedding directly with the hotel as our travel agent didn't do weddings there either, I have had no problems dealing with the hotel directly, Laura is who you deal with when planning she is located outside of the resort, she has helped me immensely throughout the whole planning process and is very quick at getting back to you with answers to any questions you have (and I've had a lot ha)! We paid a $200 fee to reserve a date and time for our wedding (which we had no problem), then Laura gets back in touch about 3 months before the wedding date to start finalising all the details, we went with the dream package as we also are only having a small intimate wedding of only 13 people so we opted for a private dinner reception on the beach and chose from the pick and choose menu. You pay for the rest of the wedding 45 days before your wedding date, The extras can be quite expensive I was shocked at the prices of some things! we are bringing our own candles and decorations with us and using our own sound system (ipod docking station) for the reception as we just want an intimate relaxed dinner reception, hope this helps If there's anything else I can help you with just let me know, happy planning xx
  2. Hi @@Soon2beMrsJ thanks for that that would be great cant wait to have a look! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! xx
  3. Hi I am getting married at the Royalton on the 2nd April 2015!! Its flying over we cant wait! We only have a small party of 13 so are having our ceremony in the beach gazebo and a private reception on the beach! Does anyone know of any other options for the alcohol as it states just wines beer and sodas is included in the pick and choose dinner and is extra per person! Just wondered if anyone had done anything different for their drinks? Also if anyone has any photos I would love to see them, getting very excited now! my email is paula-1984@live.co.uk. Look forward to hearing from other Royalton brides!
  4. Oh that sounds great wish we could have done that! Hope your trip goes well and you decide on where you like best, it would be lovely to see some photos if you could email them to me that would be great look forward to hearing what you think of the resort, have a good trip x
  5. Hi I'm new to this forum but have just booked my wedding at the royalton white sands for April 2015 would love to hear from you all about your weddings and would be really grateful if you have and photos or information about weddings here x
  6. Hi we decided on the royalton white sands in montego bay, we get married the 2nd April 2015, we didn't really look at any other resorts we loved this one we only have a small party of 11 people travelling over with us so not many, we decided to go with the dream wedding package as it seems to include everything we need although we are paying extra for a private wedding reception on the beach, hope this helps x Hi @@Kayla88 we decided to go with the royalton white sands, can't wait! Going dress shopping today x
  7. Hi I'm new to this site I have just booked my wedding in Jamaica for April 2015 and would love to hear from other Jamaican brides x
  8. Hi I'm new to this site and have just booked my wedding for April 2015 at the Royalton white sands resort in Jamaica, looking forward to reading everyone's planning and ideas! Would love to hear about anyone who is getting married in the same hotel x
  9. Hi We have just booked our wedding at the Royalton white sands in Jamaica! Would love to hear from anyone getting married here or anyone who has been married here? x
  10. Hi everyone I have just booked my wedding at Royalton White Sands for April 2015! Where are you having you ceremony and reception etc, what package have you chosen! Very exciting x
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