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    April 24, 2015
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    Royalton White Sands - Montego Bay, Jamaica
  1. Hi @@sadiekirby93 congrats! I'll send you a few pics of our ceremony and reception so you can get some ideas. If you have any questions definitely let me know! You're getting married the day before my birthday
  2. Hi @@STBMrsPowell, congrats and happy planning! We were married at the Royalton this past April and it was fantastic. The planning process went pretty smoothly. We live in NJ and worked with Chandlyn (the wedding coordinator at the resort) throughout our planning, most of the finalizing took place about a month and a half before the wedding, but we planned on our own so we were ready for when we could coordinate with her. She was awesome and helped us to make our wedding everything we wanted it to be. We used Wright Travel for our arrangements and our travel agent was great. She secured us a good group rate and most of our guests reserved their travel/rooms through her. I can email you photos of our ceremony at the beach gazebo and poolside reception if you'd like to see them. We didn't have the fireworks (I don't think they were an option when we signed our contract in early 2014) but they sound incredible!! I would have loved that The colors worked out really well - my bridesmaids wore navy and had white hydrangea bouquets, my dress was white and I had white calla lilies and deep blue orchids in my bouquet, and then the centerpieces for the reception were yellows, blues and white orchid stems. The people who work at the resort are more than happy to customize to make sure you get the look you want. Best of luck!!
  3. My husband wore a similar suit (just in gray rather than beige). We got his suit at Men's Warehouse. It's good that you're looking so early, especially since that light color suit may only be available during summer months. Good luck!
  4. Congratulations and happy planning! You're getting married on our 1st anniversary - it was a lucky and perfect day for us and I'm sure it will be for you too!
  5. Hi @@rdavid and @@bkelly8, congratulations on planning your weddings!! I only have the package information from 2014 so I'm no help there, I'm so sorry!! We were married at the Royalton on April 25, 2015 and it was amazing so I can definitely try to answer any questions you might have about the resort. Not sure about the weather in July, I've only visited Jamaica in October, May and April. This site is extremely helpful, all of the girls (and some grooms!) are so nice and always willing to help each other out. Hope they can give you the info you need to get your planning started! Best of luck and happy planning to both of you!!
  6. @@pddcmc I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!!!!! I worry about the same thing, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us that we'll have beautiful wedding days!!!!! And even if we all get married in the rain - we're still getting married and it'll all be ok
  7. Thank you!!! I was so surprised I ended up with a dress so fancy and detailed, but I just fell in love with it @@acw271011 I hope you guys get back there someday!! It's such a beautiful place. My fiancé and I went there on our first vacation together and can't wait to get married there!
  8. Mine wasn't too involved for the majority of the planning, but now that's getting super close he's definitely helping more! @becky98 I'm in the exact same position as you - random little things (like the schedule and thank you note in the welcome bag) he gets very opinionated about and other things he's like whatever you want! I am never quite sure how he'll react to most planning items, so I always ask his opinion and I'm usually surprised at the answer But I'm glad he's voicing his opinion and making decisions so it's both of our day and not all my choices! And I'm loving the term bridezillo
  9. @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 Here's my dress!! We're getting married at the Royalton White Sands in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2 and a half weeks, can't wait!!!!
  10. @@GingerBride This dress looks amazing on you!!! Definitely love the belt, adds a little sparkle. My dress is totally not beachy either so don't let those thoughts of "I should wear a beachy dress" sway you!! It's your day, wear what makes you feel beautiful!
  11. @@victoriasalv So funny you started this thread, I've been wondering the same thing and drafting an email to everyone. Hopefully that will work out well! @ Most of our guests will only be at the resort for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for our Saturday wedding, but since some people will be there earlier, I'm going to email everyone about a week before the wedding with info about our welcome party Friday night, and let them know that other wedding info (ceremony & reception location, time, etc.) will be in the welcome bag. Thank you for confirming that email is a possible way to go! I'll let you both know if the email worked and everyone comes to the welcome party! 19 more days!!
  12. Thank you for writing the reviews!!! We visited the Royalton for a site visit before booking our wedding but didn't stay there, so it's great to see that you and the other agents loved it!! Looking forward to an amazing wedding and vacation!
  13. I just brought my mom and my maid of honor (best friend), I was worried about too many opinions! For a recent fitting I brought a friend who won't be able to attend the wedding so she could see the dress in person, it was really nice for both of us. Have a great time!!! It's so fun to find your perfect dress
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