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    Turks & Caicos - BEST DJ???

    What did you go with?? How were the prices?
  2. ashleybeav

    Turks & Caicos musicians (violin/strings)

    Flamingo - did you move to Turks permanently? My mom has always wanted a harpist for my Aug 2015 wedding in Turks.
  3. What did everyone go with? Any opinions, prices, experiences all welcome!! Looking at Aug 2015 wedding,
  4. ashleybeav

    Reception at Turks and Caicos w/ dance floors

    Hi there sss39 - can you tell me more about your dance floor? Was it through the resort or did you rent from somewhere else? Thanks!
  5. ashleybeav

    Turks & Caicos Wedding Planner

    Jointurks- I'm interested to hear what you did related to your question above. I have the same questions!
  6. Hi there! This is a great forum from first hand brides. I'm debating having my wedding at seven stars as well. But I'm worried about the expenses for the guests. Maybe I misunderstood this, but if you have your wedding/reception at seven stars, are your guests required to stay at seven stars? I'd really prefer them not when Comfort Inn is just across the street. Also, do you have the do the package deal they have on their website or can you just pick a couple things and combined together for a new package price? Thanks so much for your advice!