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  1. I cannot begin to describe my hell experience with Gansevoort in Turks & Caicos. If I can go back in time, I would've planned my wedding at Grace Bay or Somerset. The ridiculous and inconsistent pricing, changing of 3 wedding coordinators, and rude emails from staff have been an absolute nightmare. I have taken on wedding planning as my part time job, on top of my 60 hour work week and it's been the most stressful experience dealing with Gansevoort. Girls, do yourself a favor and DO NOT book here. I should've got out when I had a chance, and I regret it so much. The staff here is ridiculous on so many levels.
  2. Hi Girls! I'm wondering if anyone is interested in selling me their used signs etcs.. PM me if you are interested! Thanks!!
  3. Thanks so much ya'll. I have been working with EA but I also have a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that flowers are so expensive there!
  4. Does anyone know if there are wholesale flower shops on the island? I cannot wrap my mind around having $1000 centerpieces for 3 hours that I can't take home with me... Wondering if there is a cheaper route...let me know, thank you!!!
  5. Hi all - we all met up a few weeks ago! Let us know if you would like to be included in the next round!
  6. Hi everyone!! Sorry, I've been MIA from this forum and I'm just getting these messages now. I'm in Midtown, let's all connect and share tips/ideas and vent if you've been facing challenges with Gansevoort...!!! Private Message me your email addresses, and we'll set up time/location..!
  7. Hi! I'm getting married this Oct at the Gansevoort.We are having a tented beach reception with a dance floor built onto the sand. Might be an alternative. Visited Seven Stars too - loved the property. I'm not having children at my wedding but if you have young families at your wedding, might be a great place to have your wedding.
  8. Are there any brides in NYC getting married in Turks & Caicos? Wondering if we can create a get together for brides to share information and other great finds! Let me know if there's anyone in NYC for T&C weddings from Manhattan!
  9. Do they exist? I would like to have them for my wedding ceremony instead of guitar, solo singer.. Please let me know if you know of any! Thank you!!!
  10. So, Gansevoort hotel just hired Dorell as onsite wedding coordinator. My wedding is in October and I haven't had great experience with her so far. She's friendly and responsive, but she has issues with follow ups and deliverable. I'm constantly reminding her, following up with her, and I still get no response from her. I'm so frustrated that I just started planning on my own. Are there any brides out there who are having this issues with Dorell? Is it worth it get a new coordinator at this point? I don't know what to do. I'm reaching out and negotiating with vendors directly, I solicit for her feedback and she just goes blank. I'm super frustrated and I'm having nightmares that this wedding will turn out to be a total sht. What are your experiences? Am I overreacting?
  11. Hi all, My wedding party is about 35 guests (wedding date: 10/2012) and we are all staying at the Gansevoort. The rates are cheaper once you start negotiating - I was able to bring it down significantly after room block. However, it is still an expensive hotel and we are offering financial assistance to those that may need help, esp because the resort is somewhat isolated and it will be difficult for our guests to travel back/forth from other hotels. I'm bringing my own photographer from NYC to cover the entire weekend - we are having welcome cocktails on Friday at the poolside, rehearsal dinner at Bistro Bay the following night, and beach wedding on Sunday with tented reception. However, I'm having difficulty finding a DJ or a band. I reached out to NaDa and I LOVED them when I saw them play at the Seven Stars... Anyone recommend a live band that's simliar in style to Nada?
  12. Hi everyone!! I'm so glad I found this website, your advice is much needed! I'm visiting T&C this weekend to check out Gansevoort and Seven Stars. I can't seem to decide and I'll have a better idea when I visit each site. However, just wanted your advice on any brides who had their wedding at those resorts. I'm also concerned with welcome dinner/cocktail, rehearsal dinner, day after brunch.. where did you host your events? Gansevoort has been flexible with their rates but I don't like the fact that I have to hire a separate WC on top. Seven Stars are not flexible but I have developed a good working relationship with Bettina and she's been great so far. Please help!!
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