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  1. No, we didn't have any trouble with booking since we went through a travel agent who uses a tour group. We just gave our guests the travel agent information, and she sends me updates when people reach out and book so I know who's coming. So far we have a little over 30 guests booked, and we're expecting to end up with around 60 guests total. We're doing a private reception for the wedding since the dancing is really important to us too! No, you cannot play your own music in one of the semi-private restaurant locations, so we chose the poolside location. We considered the beach but didn't want to have to worry about our guests walking through sand in nice shoes, and although we will still likely rent a dance floor, we thought the cost of the additional lights that would likely be needed, etc. would probably be more at the beach venue than the poolside one. @@mimiblak, 100 people? Wow, that's going to be a great party! Just FYI, you may want to ask about using your own DJ...it was my understanding that the resort only allowed outside photographers/videographers and not any other vendors. Also, not sure if you have friends in Jamaica and are just planning to ship your centerpieces to them, but if you were planning to ship them to the hotel, you may want to ask about that too. Almost every hotel I was looking into said they did not accept shipments because they did not want to be responsible for guests' items. I'm not sure about the Royalton's policy on this so I'd love to hear what they say if you ask them. Currently, we are planning to pack up some extra suitcases and give them to family and friends to bring down for us, but if they accept packages, I will definitely look into that option.
  2. @@bringahamsamwich, I'm actually getting married the day after you! I'm sorry you had trouble with booking...how many people are you having? Also, are you doing a private reception or having your reception at one of the restaurants? @@pamelas21, how was your wedding?! I can't wait to hear how it all went for the founder of our little group. Hope it was everything you wished it to be!
  3. @@happywedding2015, where did you see the 40-60% chance of rain in May with the chance of rain more likely in the afternoon? I would love to have more information about Jamaica's April weather so I can better prepare myself! However, the comment about January having almost no chance of rain is pretty different than most of the things I have seen. For example, using the weather2travel website for Montego Bay (http://www.weather2travel.com/climate-guides/jamaica/montego-bay.php), it shows 8 days of rain in January (2.9 inches) vs. 12 days of rain in May (6.2 inches). So yes, May is more likely to have rain but January is not guaranteed to be rain free. Just want to make sure you have all the information when selecting your date! @@Shar3L, when your makeup artist arrives at the resort, I wouldn't advertise that they were there to do your makeup. I think if you just tell the front desk that they are a friend there to visit you, they would only have to pay the $70ish fee to get on the resort for the day. Then, if they are doing your makeup in your hotel room, there is no reason the hotel would need to know they are a "vendor." Also, thank you so much for the compliment on my save the dates! I designed them myself in Photoshop, bought some thick metallic paper, printed them out on my home computer, cut them out using my work's paper trimmer, used a corner cutter to round the edges, and then bought a perforating tool for <$10 to make the perforations. It was a lot of work (and took much more time than I expected), but I only had about 50 to do so I think it was worth it Although now I have to start on the invitations soon...
  4. There may be an easier way, but what I did was click on the "Photo Gallery" link at the top of the page (after "Vendor Reviews"). Then I created a new album which I was able to add pictures to. This gallery now appears in the "Gallery" section of my profile, and I can upload pictures directly to the album from there as well. Btw, the picture looked really big before I posted it, but it was a normal size after. Random question for you ladies: what are your groomsmen wearing? I want a more casual look than a full suit, so I was hoping for either a vest or suspenders, rather than a jacket. However, the best man is a large-built guy (a little overweight) and I want to ensure he feels comfortable in what he is wearing. Looking online I wasn't really able to find many pictures of bigger groomsmen wearing either option (they tend to be in jackets since those are the most flattering). Does anyone have any insight into what may work well?
  5. Margaritaville sounds like a fun idea! Although I think quite a few of my guests would be a little mad at me if I suggested an activity off the resort that makes them pay for food and drinks when they get those free at the resort Btw, I saw on another forum that to insert a pic into a post, you use the Image link (under the smile face) instead of attaching the file. You have to have the picture uploaded into your gallery, but then you can use the Image Link of the picture (available on the picture's page under Options). So here we go...here is a snapshot of the save the dates that I made for our wedding. Let's see if it works.
  6. @@Bridetobe771, is there a way to post the picture actually in the message and not as a link? I've seen other people do it but have no idea how it is done. I would love to be able to see your invites (as I'm sure other brides would as well)! @@pamelas21, have you tried reaching out to the Appleton Estates down in Jamaica? Apparently, in 2009 they were willing to deliver to the resorts if given enough time (see http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/38101-appleton-rum-favors/, although I'm guessing the contact in the article is no longer accurate). Might be work looking into so you don't have to bring the rum with you, plus it will likely be cheaper! @@pamelas21, I think you can also buy or make your own aisle runner with fake petals as long as all the petals are glued down (not loose). One example to buy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/193036427/custom-rose-petal-aisle-runner-border?ref=related-2 How to make (time-consuming!): http://theroyaldiybride.blogspot.com/2012/08/creating-rose-petal-aisle-runner.html What type of events are people having before the wedding? I want to have a "rehearsal dinner" where everyone is invited the night before, but that can't be guaranteed until closer to our date so I was thinking about a bonfire as a backup plan. Also thinking about doing a bridesmaid brunch (and maybe a groomsmen brunch in the fiance wants) the day before as well, since I figure day of will be pretty hectic. But just curious what everyone else is doing
  7. @@atennille, you can always bring your own decorations if you want to cut down on cost. I plan to bring fake flowers so we don't have to pay so much for bouquets and decorations. Also, if you want to go past 11pm, you can either have your reception in the ballroom or I believe there is a disco/nightclub on the property you could all go to after. Actually, speaking of, did anyone visit the nightclub while they were at the resort who can tell us what it is like? Lastly, I thought the same thing about ending at 11pm (seemed early). However, I just recently went to a friend's wedding and the reception was 5 hours (7pm-12am) which was actually a bit long for the majority of the guests (the older crowd had left and most of the younger people were pretty drunk by the end of the reception and not really on the dance floor anymore). Afterwards, we all just went to one of the hotel suites and hung out there, but people were pretty done for the night after an hour or 2 of chatting. Plus people will likely start drinking way earlier in the day than they do at most weddings given the easy access to alcohol, so I personally don't think ending at 11pm will be too big a deal if you start your reception around 6pm or 7pm. Of course this will depend on your group and how big of partiers they are...our group was 5 years out of college so a bit rusty on the day-long drinking marathons
  8. @@pamelas21, have you guys considered the Jamaican Experience Package? For 53 guests with 6 hours of open bar, it works out to $85 per person. $1799 base for 20 guests + $50*(53-20) + $20*53 for an additional 2 hours of open bar (cocktail hour + 3 hours during reception are included) divided by 53 = $85.08 per person I know it's about the same as your $82 per person rate you already have, but the package comes with other perks (steel drum band, raggae band, rum tasting) so this could potentially help you save on other areas of the budget (like you could potentially shorten the time the DJ has to be there). Although you are sacrificing food quality (it's no surf and turf!), I just thought it might be an option for you guys to consider if you haven't already. Regarding welcome bags, there are some great posts on this site about them. People have all types of great suggestions on things to put in them, from medicine/first aid kits to sodoku/crossword books to decks of cards. Most things can be purchased online in bulk for pretty cheap or at stores like Target, the Dollar Store, and Michaels. @@Bridetobe771, have you looked into the WPAJ (Wedding Photographers Association of Jamaica)? The photographers are more up-and-coming so it is a little riskier, but based on the portfolios, some of them do really nice work! Because there are more options to choose from, it's more likely someone will be available on your day (however, just ensure that someone has a style that you like). Additionally, they're less expensive. The rate is below: 3 hours for $1175 5 hours for $1675 8 hours with 2 photographers + 2 hours for honeymoon, rehearsal, or TTD for $2175 Also, in regards to Merrick Clousey, if you are seriously considering him, you should ask for the lower rate. Say you were referred by a friend, that you would really like to choose him, but you had only budgeted the other rate. Worst case, he'll say no (which is what happened when we tried to negotiate with our photographer), but at least you know you'll be getting the best price you could have gotten!
  9. @@Soon2beMrsJ, I am getting married at the White Sands a few weeks before you! Could you send me the pictures you took? I do not have the necessary post count to view them. My email is cherylk1234@@gmail.com.
  10. @@Bridetobe771, unfortunately Dean Clarke doesn't cover the vendor fee, but his rate is below.
  11. Agreed with hating how much weddings cost haha! Do you mind if I ask what you are planning to spend when all is said and done? However, I of course understand if you would rather not share that information. My budget was originally $15k, but it looks like it'll be closer to $20k for about 60 guests (includes our travel, rings, photography, everything, but we are cutting corners by bringing fake flowers, doing the Jamaican experience menu, etc.). However, I want to see if that is realistic since I won't have a detailed quote for everything until the date is closer and we actually start working with the resort. I'm really looking forward to seeing how your wedding looks! Found another wedding! It's a renewal but shows a lot of cool places to get some couple pictures...http://jamaicaweddingphotographer.blogspot.com/2014/04/niya-ethan-destination-jamaica-wedding.html
  12. @@dec2014star, I agree with Pam about the photos...go with your heart. I had a friend who preferred her uncle's pictures to those of the professional photographer they paid over $4k for, so you never know. If your aunt and uncle have done wedding photography previously, that is a huge plus because they have experience with the stress and speed of a wedding. You only get one chance to capture some of the moments. You may want to consider having the professional (along with your aunt and uncle) capture the actual ceremony and then a few couple shots after (or whichever shots are most important to you) during their hour. Staged pictures are much easier to get correct as you're not in a rush. Also, consider doing research on posing so if your aunt and uncle can't direct you into the shots, you can know what angles make you and your fiance look best. Lastly, worst case if you don't love the editing of the photos, you can send them out and get them touched up by someone else. @@pamelas21, I'm really glad to hear that they let you start planning earlier than mentioned! I want to start planning now, but my wedding isn't until next April haha. Also, you mention photography is 2nd most important to you...just curious, how does your list pan out (i.e. what's important to you and what's not)? @@SoEze, see below for some info on photography quotes I received. Dean Clarke Photography: All packages include full wedding coverage with 2 photographers. At least 300 pictures for $2600; 500-600 pictures + some prints for $3100; At least 800 pictures + some prints + photo book for $3600; TTD session is $500 additional to any package WPAJ (Wedding Photographers Association of Jamaica): 3 hours for $1175; 5 hours for $1675; 8 hours with 2 photographers + 2 hours for honeymoon, rehearsal, or TTD for $2175 Brian Nejedly: Will pay up to $350 of resort fee for all packages. 3 hours for $1550; 5 hours for $1900; 8 hours with 2 photographers for $2800; 8-9 hours with 2 photographers + TTD or rehearsal dinner + photo album for $3500 Lastly, does anyone have any pictures of the different reception areas available? I saw some photos from a wedding that took place there (http://saruniaphotography.com/tag/royalton-white-sands-resort/), but I wasn't sure what location they used for their reception (in looks like it took place somewhere covered but open to the outdoors). I'd also love to see what poolside looks like. Thanks so much!
  13. First, I want to preface this with the fact that my fiance and I have taken professional level photography classes, so we are going to be a bit pickier about quality and style than most couples. However, the biggest regret many brides have is not spending more money on photography (http://petapixel.com/2013/03/21/brides-often-regret-not-spending-more-on-wedding-photography/). I strongly recommend finding someone who has the style you like. You probably won't be able to articulate why you like one particular photographer more than others, but that's ok! Also check out as many of their weddings as possible. Some photographers will shoot one wedding that you absolute love (which they of course highlight in their portfolio), but the rest of their work is not so good. I know photography can seem expensive, but you are not only paying for the photographer's time (both all day to shoot and multiple days after to sort through all those pictures and retouch them), you are paying for their experience to take advantage of the lighting, to position you to make you look your best, to touch you up a certain way, etc. You are going to be looking at these pictures pretty often in the future, and it would be a shame to spend tons of money on everything else about the wedding and not have the pictures that show those details that you spent so much time on. We're going with Dean Clarke, and while he is pricey (and unfortunately does not pay for the resort fee), his style corresponds with our personal photographic styles, and he does a great job on lighting using both natural light and flash. Also, a 4pm wedding means photography should probably start by 2pm (earlier if you're having a first look) if you want to capture all the detail shots, getting ready, and individual bridal portraits before the ceremony. Then after the ceremony, you need time for family and group shots, bridal party shots, and then couple shots. Then you want pictures of dinner, first dance, cake cutting, guests dancing, etc. so you probably don't want your photographer to be on a strict timeline where, if something runs long, you miss capturing important moments. This link provides a pretty realistic estimate on how much time to allocate for different types of pictures (http://www.linandjirsa.com/wedding-photography-timeline-ideal-times-for-your-photography/). If anyone has any photographic questions, feel free to ask!
  14. Hi ladies, I am seriously considering this resort for our 2015 wedding. However, I haven't been able to find much info online, especially pictures. Does anyone have any pictures or pricelists (besides the standard wedding package info) they could send me? My email is cherylk1234@@gmail.com. Thank you so much!
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