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  1. I am hoping to book for 12-13-14 I noticed they have changed their photographer to Beach Wedding Studio but since I had seen so many beautiful pictures taken with the old photographer (Photo Souvenir I believe) I inquired what the cost would be to have them take the pictures. it was a $500 fee to the Resort and you also have to pay for a day pass for the photographer(s) - I think im better off getting a package from their photographer! For any brides that already went - what is your suggestion about what to order for pictures? also, do they play music for a beach wedding? we kind of have "walk in" song and "walk out" songs - but I don't think we will be bringing along any speakers....
  2. I hope you ladies are still checking this thread!!! I am hoping to book the date 12-13-14 but the wedding planner (Emy) said she cannot confirm my date until I book the room..... There are no flights available for these dates until closer to the end of January, so, I don't want to book my room and not have a flight to go with it.. but I also don't want to wait and end up booking the room/flight and then be told the date isn't available!!! that part is a bit frustrating! ive already been looking at all the photographer packages, although im somewhat confused... we are planning on going with the Excellence of Love package - and then the WP01 package which is 1 photographer, 1 hour, 24 digital files $450. I asked about this package, and person at Beach Wedding Studios said that they normally take 140-160 pics, which you don't get, but you can buy the disk - according to the A la carte photo list a CD with all pictures unedited - $1,500. Have any of you looked into the picture packages? I also was curious if you get to pick any certain colors for the wedding? My sister got married at Moon Palace in Cancun 2 years ago and they sent her a whole list of "packages" with different color schemes - maybe this comes with Excellence after you get your confirmation, but so far I've only received the photography info, wedding packages and wedding facts. Hope you are still on this site! Id really like to bounce ideas and get information from both of you! -Beth
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    12.13.14 Brides!

    I WANT to schedule my wedding date 12-13-14, we've already picked a resort we really like, Excellence Punta Cana, but the wedding planner said we need to book a room before she can confirm the date - There are no flights available for the dates we are looking to go, and I don't want to book a room and then not have a flight to go with it! It is disappointing, but hopefully I can find a flight by the end of this week so I can book our room and HOPE the date is still open! Anyone else been to Excellence Punta Cana?