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  1. Hey all, I just got back from our Beaches TCI wedding and have to say it was beyond gorgeous! All of you will LOVE it there (the ocean is unlike anything I've ever seen!) and the wedding process is very smooth. You will have no regrets. Good luck!
  2. 7 days!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Planes scare me. *sigh
  3. Wow, that stinks about Cominique. Our coordinator is Roxi and so far she has been awesome. Luckily, it's just 3 of us going for a private ceremony so there's really no room for error or stress. All of our paperwork is sent to Miami and approved, so we're good to go! I just need my dress altered, band resized, and he needs a band and we're done. Oh, I still need to buy luggage since I haven't been on a plane in a very long time. I'm not a fan of flying but I can't wait to see this island for real and not in pictures. Now we just wait for November...
  4. I have a question for anyone that is divorced and getting remarried. Did you have to send your entire divorce decree? I don't understand this. I can see them wanting the first and last page that is signed by the judge for proof but what relevance does all the info inbetween hold? It feels intrusive having a stranger reading my entire decree. Anyone??
  5. We're arriving Sat the 22nd and leaving the 28th. How far in advance did everyone mail their paperwork to Miami?
  6. I'm also staying in the French Village. Keep in mind that's the newer section of the resort (well 2nd newest to the Key West) and the Caribbean is the oldest. The rooms in the French are WAY nicer. It's not that far from the beach and the pool doesn't get as crowded as the Italian Village. I'm totally content being in the back. I got my info from people that have been there. We're getting married there Thanksgiving Day, Nov 27th. I just have a few more things to buy and we're set.
  7. Yes, we used a TA. Everything is all set including flights..I hate that we can't fly there direct, that's my only hang up. Now I'm just sitting here waiting for my call at noon..
  8. No. I guess I will find out the deal when I talk to her in 3 days. We have 8 months so I guess I won't panic...
  9. We're doing the BB package but probably upgrading the photography, we want more than just one picture. I never received a package or a site link, was I supposed to get that before the phone call?? :/ I'm scheduled to get a call from her this Saturday... I know this is slightly off topic but is anyone else here a nervous wreck about flying? I haven't flown since 1995 so I am a little anxious about it. Off to look at dresses on Pinterest.
  10. Me! Thanksgiving day at 2pm. I know TG is an unusual day to get married but it's a long story. I'm getting my call from the wedding coordinator on March 22nd at noon and I truthfully have no idea what to ask. As far as I know nobody is coming so it should just be a simple in and out thing. Romantic eh? This is second marriage for both of us. We're staying 6 nights, I wish we could stay longer but it's just too expensive.
  11. Actually I'm torn between Beaches and Sands at Grace Bay but we'll see. I really want Beaches but it's so expensive.
  12. Don't worry we will see a TA but can anyone give me a a rundown of documents needed so I can get a general idea? I know we need passports but we're also both divorced so will they want our divorce decree or something else? Thanks in advance.
  13. We honestly don't expect a single person to attend and I think sending invites will make people feel obligated. I don't want to NOT invite people but we want to let a few know that they're welcome to attend with no obligations. We don't even expect gifts but if they want we'd rather they donate to thyroid cancer research at Mayo Clinic in my Mother's honor. There's no point in paying for fancy invites for a very small amount of people so how would some of you go about this? Mass email to a select few? Too tacky? I don't know but it won't be a typical "save the date" invite because I kn
  14. Yep. There's been griping among my friends and my Aunt. Oh well, we don't expect anyone to be able to attend and this is what WE want. It's our second marriage and we're not doing a traditional wedding this time to make others happy and then we live with the regret for not having it at Turks. Besides, parents aren't footing the bill this time and we would have to invite probably over 200 people to avoid hurting anyone's feelings. At $80-100 a plate that's not happening. DW is cheaper and more memorable. Honestly I can't recall any traditional wedding that I've attended that left a lasting
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