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  1. @@stephygirl thanks for your kind wishes! Not long till yours now!! Yep, all ceremony songs on a separate playlist (also good to have some songs to play before the bridal party arrives). For the evening, we used another playlist off our ipod for eating and then had one of our ushers / groomsmen change the music to our first dance and then our friends did individual 'dj sets' with their own playlists. In the ceremony, someone moves the songs on for you but for the reception, unless you have a dj then I believe you would need to that yourselves. If it is just a quick playlist change after dinner then your wedding co-ordinator might agree to do that for you. Who do you have? I had Zaray and she was amazing!! x
  2. Hi Danielle, I got married there 3 weeks ago - very envious of you ladies with weddings still to come there - it really is amazing!!! They have someone to play the music off your ipod, you just need to have your songs in order, my wedding coordinator asked me to select a song for the bridesmaids arrival, one song for me to walk down to, one for signing of the register and one for us walking back down the aisle as a married couple. Happy to answer any other queries, I know how important this feed was when I was planning. Zoe x @@LauraM congratulations!!! Your wedding looks gorgeous! We got married on 29th May at the Beach Palace. Im very sad to be home and it now feels like a dream ha! x
  3. Cake flavour recommendations please ladies... Vanilla or chocolate??? xx
  4. Hi All, Have any past brides had their make up and hair done by the Salon within the Beach Palace? I am currently arranging mine and I have seen some great reviews on vendor Styling Trio but would be great to hear of people's experiences of the in house team. thanks x
  5. @@ParinazSerri Thank you for your detailed review and congratulations!!! Im so pleased to hear such a great review for DreamArts as I am also going with them. Your photos look beautiful x
  6. Ive asked for the lanterns, do you have to pay a fee for electricity as well as the price for the lanterns? thanks Hi All, Currently in the process of costing and confirming decor, sound, lighting etc. Can anyone advise a recommended size for a dancefloor for 37 people. JSAV recommended 16x16 but from measuring out in my living room, we felt 12x12 would be sufficient. Also, ive just spotted a $250 fee with Zuniga for delivery in Cancun in their brochure, has anyone paid an extra fee previously or is this something new? I really need to get everything confirmed as it seems like prices just keep increasing!! xx
  7. Hi there, thanks for confirming what you paid for your mariachi band. The new price is crazy!! And all because they changed vendor... I dont know why they would go with a vendor so much higher in price. We have asked that considering we booked back in April 2014 and have been working with the prices they sent us that they honour the original prices. I am not very optimistic that they will agree to this but hope they may offer to help towards the price. We so want to have a mariachi and cant see any alternative at the moment xx
  8. To all beach palace brides of 2015, I need your help please, My partner and I would love a mariachi band for our cocktail hour. The prices I was originally sent showed a 6 piece mariachi for $803, I am now being quoted $1500!!! I went back with the original quote and was told that they are no longer using that vendor and the new one they use quotes $1500. If I choose the use an outside vendor then I have to pay an $800 vendor fee (was $400 but now updated for 2015!!) So if I manage to outsource for a price similar to their 2014 quote of $800, I will still end up paying $1600 with the vendor fee. This price seems crazy to me and I can't see a way around this! We really do want a mariachi but I hate that we will be paying almost double that initially advised Are any brides having similar issues or quotes? Your advice or feedback would be so very much appreciated! X
  9. I asked about the plated dinner but was advised against this due to the distance from the kitchen to the sky terrace would mean the food would go cold. The buffet options are fab and offer lots of choice x
  10. thank you for your kind reply, I will double check my contract however I dont recall any mention of extension prices - perhaps I have missed this (fingers crossed!) You are right though, all the little amounts soon add up. I will also check out Latin Asia Cancun, how did you find out they are a preferred Palace vendor? Is there a list anywhere as I have just been going off the vendor catalogues they have sent me so far. thanks for the advice - this is so helpful! x thank you for the tip although I just checked and cant see it anywhere on my contract. Do you mind advising where abouts on yours it states the price please. thank you x
  11. Thanks for your reply Jessica! Annoyingly they just quoted $60 per table over the phone so will probably have to go with the new quote of $8.50. Not sure on decor yet but was going to go with the in house photographers DreamArt. I see quite a few brides have gone with Del Sol, are Del Sol more reasonable or have better photos? All very exciting!! Xx Thanks for your advice, sadly it was only confirmed at that price over the phone so I will question it but may have to accept the $8.50 pp price. Thanks again! X
  12. Hi All, I am getting married at the Beach Palace in May next year and am in the process of costing / confirming decor, lighting, entertainment etc. I received entertainment options and me and my other half are very keen to have a mariachi band. The cheapest option is a 6 piece band for $1500 (45 mins), this seems very pricey to me. Has anyone used an outside band or been quoted cheaper for a 6 piece? Or would be good to hear thoughts on whether this is expensive as havent hired one before. thanks in advance for your help! Zoe Me again with another question... We would like to extend our reception time and were initially told it would cost $60 per table, per hour. We have now been informed it is $8.50 per person per hour (tables of 8). Not massively different but we are looking to extend by about 4-5 hours so it will make quite a difference. Would appreciate hearing what others have been quoted. thank you x
  13. Hi There, Firstly congratulations!! Hope you have enjoyed your time so far as husband and wife! I came across your planning thread recently as I have started to plan my wedding at the Beach Palace for next May. Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your planning process and how helpful it has been to see your progression up to your wedding day. I am very much looking forward to hearing about your day and seeing some photos. xx
  14. Hi, this may be a stupid question but can you please confirm what a webinar is, I'm assuming a seminar on the web? And assume I could join via the web from the UK? Please let me know so I can book my place if necessary. Thank you Zoe
  15. Hi All, I too am a 2015 bride Not officially booked yet but planning to get married at the end of May 2015 at the Beach Palace, Cancun. The Beach Palace Cancun Brides Blog has really helped me in my search for the right hotel. I live in the Uk so sadly am unable to view venues before our wedding, therefore it is great to read reviews and tips etc. Looking forward to the next year of planning with all of the other 2015 brides xxx
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