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  1. Moe- Do you think it is possible to still stand up and give a speech at the semi-private dinner if we use that as our reception? We don't necessarily need the dances and DJ, but is there enough space/sound level for a dad and best man to stand up and say something to the group?
  2. Date: August 1, 2014 # of guests: 45 Ceremony: Riu Palace beach Reception: Mar De Cortes Steakhouse Wedding Planner: Jatziri & Guadalupe Photographer: Bringing my own Hair/Makeup: Riu Palace salon
  3. Can't wait to hear how it went, we get married at Riu Palace in 5 weeks!
  4. Moe did you do the semi-private dinner or did you pay for the additional reception?
  5. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a passport name change? We are getting married August 1st, then Honeymooning on October 4th. Both are out of the country- will I have enough time to get a name change on my passport in 8 weeks??
  6. I didn't know about this 150!!
  7. @@AlyssaD21 4 more months for both of us! I'm getting married on August 1st, we fly in on July 29th. I'm so excited. Just waiting on the final RSVP's so we can confirm the guestlist. We will also have about 45-50 people coming. In the packet of info I recieved, this is what it says about Baja Norte: Baja Norte, English garden, beach, (private areas)$600.00usd (private reception) + menu from $36.00 to $80.00usd per person*open bar included. So it looks like Open Bar is included in each of those private area site fees. Hope this has helped, happy planning! Janelle
  8. We are getting married at 4pm also, and I think it's a great time. We will have time to get plenty of photos in and have a few drinks at the bar before our dinner at 6:45. I don't want to be rushed so I wanted as much time as possible in between. I chose to bring my own photographer. The minimum for the Riu is $1200 and you only get 3 hours. With how our wedding times are spaced out, we wouldn't get all the photos we need. I want to do a first look with my groom, then the wedding is at 4, then pictures after, then pictures of the dinner, etc. It just didn't seem cost effective. I chose to bring the photographer that did our engagement photos instead. I am paying for her trip of 5 days and 4 nights for $950. That's $250 cheaper than the Riu photographer and I have her the entire time in case we want to do other photos on different days. Plus, the Riu will not charge you a vendor fee of $300 if your photographer is a part of your wedding attendees and is staying at the hotel. It works out to be much cheaper for much more time. Plus, I can trust her and I know I will get all my photos in a timely manner. She had my engagement photos done in 6 days!
  9. I am bringing my own photographer and am told they will require a work Visa for Mexico. How can I obtain this?
  10. Hi Rochelle! We are getting married on August 1st. Once you recieve your packet from the wedding coordinator it will all make sense. You have the option of a semi-private dinner (which is included in the wedding package price). This means they will section off part of the restaurant so you and your guests can sit together, but it is not a private reception with a DJ or anything like that. This is the option I have chosen as paying for the extra tables, plates of food, dj, bartender, etc. didn't seem worth the cost when we were already paying for an all-inclusive resort. Plus we wanted to have a fun, casual wedding! You can select the private reception where you can rent out the terrace or pool areas. They will set up round tables and host a private dinner but you have to pay to have an open bar, DJ, lighting, meals, etc. Hope this helps, I am happy to answer any other questions!
  11. Hi Ladies- I am getting married at the Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas next August and need clarification on some items. Any help is appreciated! I am getting mixed responses re: the semi-private dinner. If we get the Caprice package for up to 40 guests, do you still have to pay per person per plate to eat dinner? This is an all-inclusive resort, so I'm not sure why we would still need to pay for dinner and drinks... can someone explain and help me understand? If we choose not to rent our a reception area, will we still be able to do a toast/speeches/first dance? Some say the DJ is at an extra cost, some say it is not. Also- what are the options and prices for the resort photographers? Has anyone used them and if yes, do you have photos to show their work? Please help! I would really like to go into this with a better idea of what we will be paying for and what we will be getting. Thank you so much My email is wsjanelle@yahoo.com
  12. Hi Ladies- We have decided on the Riu Palace in Cabo for our destination wedding next August. We have requested the date and are awaiting confirmation from the hotel. We are getting the Caprice package as we are expecting almost 40 guests to make the trip. From what I'm reading, it looks like in addition to the package price, you still have to pay for a reception site and meals? Do you also have to pay to use the Disco/Club? Any tips/suggestions or helpful information you can give me is much appreciated. I'm not sure exactly where to go from here! And if any of you brides will be there at the same time let's grab a drink!!
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