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  1. Hi Jenny - Your wedding is so beautiful! Great job on all of the DIYs! I was looking at your professional photos and LOVE your mother's dress. Do you happen to recall the designer/where she got it?
  2. I'm a November 2014 bride, and it's so exciting to hear about all of your progress! Wishing you all beautiful (and rain-free) weddings!
  3. Thanks so much, shugapop1 and zeman321! Now I have to decide about how to accessorize it. I'm thinking a flower crown, a veil (in the back attached with a comb) and a bunch of sparkly jewelry, or a chunky statement necklace. Can't decide!
  4. Thanks! It's from Ann Taylor's Wedding section of their website.
  5. I bought my dress last night! I'm so excited! It was a dress I fell in love with before we were even engaged, but it was out of stock. Last night, I was moping about not being able to buy it, checked the site again, and there it was, just one left in my size. And we got it almost 60% of the original price! Just had to share
  6. Happy you joined us reman321! Where did you order your STDs?
  7. I booked my wedding at a villa in Akumal and used www.locogringo.com. They have a great search functionality (by number of guests, wedding venue) and lots of photos to help you make your decision. We were negotiate to have the villa owner waive the wedding event fee, since we're only having the ceremony there. Very affordable too, depending on the season (about $40/night per person!).
  8. Haha, you're right, I am excited! I'm in the PhD program, so summers are pretty low-key. I have a lot of time on my hands to plan. Thanks for the tip on sunscreen. Yal Ku, a beautiful snorkeling spot in Akumal, has the same policy, so it'll be a good tip for guests. Keep us updated on our wedding location decision!
  9. travelluvr, you read my mind! We were just thinking about planning a group excursion to Xel Ha. I haven't been there before - we did Hidden Worlds instead - so glad to hear it's highly recommended. Hidden Worlds was great, but I would say it's not up to American "safety standards" if you're not much of an adventurous traveler. I don't want to put guests into a situation that they wouldn't be comfortable with. Quick update on our planning - We booked a villa! I'm so excited. We've also received a bid from the reception location as well as a quote for flowers/arbor/chairs/etc. It's really starting to come together. I'm also designing our STDs and invites, which has surprisingly been a ton of fun. Our wedding is November 7, 2014 - do you think September 2013 is too soon to send the STDs?
  10. I'm planning to walk down the aisle to "Real Love" by Regina Spektor (a John Lennon cover). The lyrics are pretty perfect. "Seems that all I really was doing was waiting for you..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVq7fm1oyok Loving the Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars ideas!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm getting married at a villa in Akumal next year and we're planning on honeymooning in Isla Mujeres. However, we're staying at the villa with my parents and my fiance's parents prior to the wedding, but the idea of going back to the villa for our honeymoon night isn't exactly what I have in mind! My plan is to get a taxi to take us to a hotel in PDC after the reception. Any suggestions for a hotel, just for a night? It would be great if it had a restaurant for breakfast and a spa so that we can get massages before heading to Isla Mujeres, but we don't want to spend too much given that we are also paying for a package in IM. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help!
  12. Thanks for the welcome Kellie! Jamaica sounds beautiful. I've been to Ocho Rios and it was amazing. I'll have to check out Shutterfly. I'm tossing around the idea of designing the STDs and invitations myself...we'll see. How many guests are you having at your wedding?
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