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  1. I wanted to have a website for everyone to put their pictures up and printed cute cards that gave the login information for wedpics.com. There is an app for your phone too. It is awful. Took hours to download and it kept crashing. Then once you try to scroll through the pictures it takes hours and I can only view the most recent ones because it will also start crashing. I am so mad that I printed all those cards and everyone did like I asked and downloaded them to the website and I can never view them. I've complained twice and they respond and told me there was a major update and that might have slowed it down. Problem continued so I complained again and they responded they were looking into it. A friend who is a computer tech person said it was the worst "coded" website he's seen and can't believe they will stay in business.I would not use them unless you only want to see ten pictures.
  2. I am trying to keep my budget under 3000 too. I put on our invitations that a hometown wedding reception would be Nov 2nd and I am just sending out evites this week(reception will be 3 weeks after DW) so I don't have to mess with RSVP' envelopes etc. I got a venue for free(friend works at the Parks dept) and they let you bring outside catering in and alcohol. We are doing beer, wine and champagne. I have a cousin who owns a bakery so I am getting a nice 3 tier cake with 4 dozen cupcakes for around $150. I have a caterer who will do a full taco bar for $12 a head(they are amazing asian fusion tacos) and plan to get alcohol at Costco. I think I will put an ipod play list on for the first hour and have a friend who is a DJ that will set up the music for dancing. I am going to be minimal in decorations but my FI's sister was married last year and has a lot of glassware so I am going to use that. I am not sure what we will do at the reception other than show a slideshow of wedding and have music for people to dance and mingle. All of the traditional things I am doing at my DW. I thought about getting those Chinese laterns and lighting them at the end but other than that no ideas. My sister had people sign wine labels (she got off etsy) instead of a guest book. She bought special bottles to open on their 1st, 5th, 10th etc anniversaries. I may steal that idea. It was fun opening the bottle on their anniversary and looking at the signatures
  3. I'm doing a taco bar. There's a great mexican place here that will cater for pretty cheap. I also called into some food trucks that set up catering for a reasonable amount. My sister threw me a bday party last year and did a taco bar by making tons of shredded pork in lots of crock pots and then had coronas and some margarita mix and it was great too
  4. Am I wrong to be irritated that some people are inviting friends to my wedding without telling me? I wouldn't care if it was a boyfriend or significant other but just to invite a group of girls 3 weeks before my wedding and not telling me. I only found out because my travel agent sent me an updated list(they still haven't told me). Not to be rude but I have to pay extra for bar service meals, chairs etc. even though it's all inclusive. Anyone had this issue? How did you deal with this and avoid any drama? I am more just irritated to not ask and assume it's ok.
  5. Getting married October 12th, 2013 at Riu Negril. I think most the big things are done but I am starting to over think and wonder if I am forgetting stuff. I have the dresses, OOT bags, hair/make up booked, travel plans, reception party planned and ordered some items to take with me(chair sashes etc.). Now just looking at little things. I am excited!! I just need reassurance that I am not forgetting anything!!
  6. I would like to have a steel drum band play some of the processional music but I would like to walk down the aisle to "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison and I think the recorded version with the words would be better. I also am paying them by the hour and really only need a few songs before the ceremony and to start the ceremony. Thoughts? Would that be odd to change?
  7. I am getting married at Riu Negril(Clubhotel not Tropical Bay) Oct 12, 2013 and have lots of questions about what extras are worth it and what I should do about reception(private beach vs. saving $ and doing semi private dinner and disco) please respond if you are planning one this year and have recently been married there. Thank you!!
  8. I would love some current information as I am planning an October 12, 2013 wedding there. Right now I have the basic package and had planned to upgrade some items like more wedding cake and champagne(since we expect between 30-35 people) but now am wondering if I should upgrade the whole package. I also would love to hear opinions on the following 1. How likely is it I can bring items (like centerpieces etc) to decorate without going through the resort to save some $. What decoration extras are essential? 2. I am thinking about doing the semi private dinner and then renting the disco with a DJ for private reception after rather than do the private beach dinner(that would charge $30 a head plus another $600 for set up and then another $500 for DJ). Is the beach thing that much better? I would rather save the $ and pay for an excursion for my guests. Is the Discoteque dank and dark like someone described it? Could I bring in items to decorate the disco thing? Could I set up an Ipod at the semi private dinner? 3. Is the steel drum band during the ceremony worth the extra $500? 4. Are there any excursions like a trip to Rick's cafe that are pretty affordable for our group? Or a vendor you would go through? **sorry for all the questions but would love some help!!
  9. I was going to say I don't think Rockhouse or Moondance will allow children(we looked at them and they look amazing!). I think Beaches does. We are doing Riu because it was more affordable for us and our family and allowed children. We are expecting between 30-35. I would love to hear from anyone who is planning a wedding there this year(or recently had one).
  10. This is a review of:

    RIU Negril All Inclusive

    Beautiful ceremony and great for what we needed

    Pros: beautiful location, great staff, great wedding coordinator
    Cons: bad management, mostly buffet food, AC in most rooms was horrible
    We had our destination wedding here and I loved EVERYTHING about the ceremony.  We had about 45 people come with us including children so we were looking for a kid friendly, reasonably priced all inclusive and this fit the bill. If you've been to all inclusive before then you know this isn't 5 star but we still had a blast.  I thought the shuttle ride would provide some red stripes etc and they didn't(we used apple vacations). It was at least an hour and half long ride but good scenery.  They on
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