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  1. Hi everybody...love this site!! We chose fiesta Americana condesa for our Nov 2014 wedding! Am not going to lie not our first choice but had booked with Dreams Cancun but they are closing it down :-( am just glad I still have enough time sooo it's great to see another thread I can read & great meeting you all & congrats :-)
  2. Sorry I forgot to add she did not call me until I emailed her about what I had heard
  3. Am soooo sorry!!! That's how I felt very thankful for this blog!! I would email your coordinator ASAP & am sure they will call you. Fortunately/Unfortunately my wedding is in November but I cancelled it....my coordinator was Claudia and did call me and explained just as the other girls have stated that under new management & that they can't confirm on how long it may close!!! But am sure they can help you with booking @ sister location or anything
  4. Thanks for the information girls!!! I know am sooo sorry for those if you that I have wedding coming up soon cause that totally sucks!!! Mine is in November & am bummed about....I have emailed Claudia but haven't received a response yet & obviously am going to want my deposit back!!! Just a sucky situation for everybody
  5. Awesome idea!!! Thanks for your information conga line sounds like sooo much fun :-)
  6. I just seen that you are using destinationweddings.com as your travel agent....basically is everything done over the phone? Have they helped out with deals,etc??
  7. Your logos are great!!! I like both slogans but simple & sweet always works for me :-)
  8. Ava...congratulations on your wedding!!! I saw your pictures & everything was absolutely beautiful :-) was wondering where did you get the engraved glasses with the sand in them they are beautiful!?! Did you happen to do a resort review? Just wondering :-)
  9. SORRY please excuse that "emoji" on top of my previous reply must of hit by accident :-) :-)
  10. :mad: Oops I meant 2014.... Oct 2013 would be me thinking very adventurously LOL
  11. Thanks Meagan for making this thread!!! Still haven't officially set a date but we are hoping for October 2013/2014!!! :-) after reading ALL the threads it seems like Dreams is very flexible in swapping things out of the package for other things!! YAY for 2014 & hopefully we can all help each other out as much as possible!! Am more than likely using Cancun Studios for photography as I know them personally & they are awesome :-) good luck to all of us!!! Sabrina
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