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  1. Hello Ladies, Our wedding took place on 07/25/2014! The ceremony was at the Sky Deck and our cocktail/reception hour was at the Sky Terrace! I began my initial planning stages with Ana Levya through the wedding departments and she was really good! We did book a site inspection and met with all of our vendors and did our engagement photos in February! I cannot say how helpful the site inspection was for us because it didn't take a lot of time out of our wedding week in July! It also made us comfortable with the whole process since it's not like a regular wedding where you are involved in everything. We also met our wedding coordinator who would be working our wedding in July and it was Mario Yam, he was awesome! Our second stage wedding planner was Abril Munoz and she was awesome! Here is what we picked for our wedding originally: Beach Ceremony - after site inspection I saw how not private the location was so Mario changed it to the Sky Deck thank god! Ocean Studio photography did an amazing job with our engagement pictures. I had an awesome deal of $2595.00 for the ultimate package and 5 hours of videography plus a trash the dress session. I haggled the price a little and they had a promotion. Tempo - We requested two belly dancers for a Mediterranean like show which cost us 500 for 30 minutes. JSAV- DJ services plus DJ and a dance floor which cost us 2295. Promedsa - for fireworks and I dealt with Eduardo Guzman - this cost 851 for a 45 second show. I needed someone for hair and didn't learn about Styling Trio until it was too late, I found them on instagram! Flowers were really expensive when it came to my bridesmaids bouquets! My group met our requirements of the 75 nights to receive unlimited functions for 2 hours each. We did have to pay 60$ a table per hour for each table in order to continue the reception until midnight. A month before flying to Cancun, I received an email from Ocean Studio telling me they are no longer a vendor for Palace Resorts and now it is Dream Arts photography. I needed an extra hour of videography and photography and they wanted me to pay $1000 when it would be $410 Ocean price. I got the wedding department supervisors involved and they fixed this issue. I was really nervous because I didn't see the work of the photographer like I had with Ocean since they did our engagement photos! Here is how it went in regards to our wedding: Mario was awesome he followed up with all of our vendors. We had purchased the exotic peacock package! We also used 1500 of our resort credit to pay for half of this package which was originally $3000. I chose boutonnieres for the groomsmen at $11 a piece while mine and my husbands flowers were included in our package. I ended up opting to have just a single stemmed rose for my bridesmaids which worked out perfect! Flowers are so expensive in Mexico especially if they are imported! We arrived on Tuesday 7/22. 7/23 - We met with our vendors in Mario's office at 10:30. Our first appointment with Dream Arts went well and they apologized again for the earlier problem in regards to pricing. We also met with our DJ Benjamin who was really nice. We met with our décor representative Zuniga and she was excellent! Eduardo missed the appointment but ended up coming 2 hours later to discuss when we wanted the fireworks to go off. 7/24 - we had our rehearsal dinner at the Sky Deck at 7:30 which was perfect. The sun had almost gone down and the breeze felt awesome. Our staff led by "Jorge" were all excellent! Fernando was our bartender and Carlos was an awesome waiter. 07/25 - Our wedding Day! Thank god we had reserved the presidential suite for my husband and I! All the girls came and got ready at our room. Our wedding coordinator sent up a tray filled with appetizers and mimosas without us asking to our room to have while we get ready. I flew my makeup artist from San Francisco to do all of our make up airbrush and all. We all used our resort credit at the spa to get our hair. Minerva did my hair and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!! Carmen did 3 of my bridesmaids hair and she was awesome. I was nervous because I never saw their work and I had the styling trio on speed dial if I had an emergency but thank god it worked out perfect. Minerva did awesome!! The wedding was amazing, we had a private ceremony on the Sky Deck (6pm). The sun was hot but thank god it was one of the less hotter days! We all took group pictures on the Sky Deck. The guests then went down to the terrace for some cocktails while the bridal party went to the beach for some photos. We came back around 7:30 p.m. to the Sky Terrace in time to watch the belly dancers and that was such an amazing show! The reception began at 8 p.m. The only glitch was our DJ didn't say the bridal parties' names in the order I gave him with the songs. He also called my mom and step dad by my last name where I wrote their names which is different! At that point I stopped caring and just enjoyed the show. Our first dance ended with the fireworks which was awesome! We ate, had cake, and took pictures with everyone. The toasts were short and sweet! The food was beyond delicious! We got the Italian menu and everyone loved the food! Our staff was awesome! Carlos, Miguel, Fernando, Jorge!! Thank you all so much! I did get a dance floor and for any future bride it's a waste of money! The humidity made it wet therefore people were slipping or falling left and right! Our night ended with everyone in the wedding jumping in the pool including our waiter Carlos because we made him =) ... I did not jump because I didn't know what I would do if I ruined my dress! We left the Sky Terrace around 12:15!! By far it was the best experience of my life. I can't say how awesome the service and the staff were!! On 07/27 - we ended up meeting our photographer Ron who was awesome at 10 am for trash the dress pictures which turned out awesome!! ************************************************* Cons of the Beach Palace: My whole group booked through a travel agency back in Nov 2013. The front desk told my parents in law they did not have a room for them and they ended up finding a room for them on the first floor which you see just rocks! My husband and I brought his kids with us so we needed his parents to be near us to help us when we needed to take off for wedding business. After the second day they moved them next to us thank god!!! It was interesting though because one of my bridesmaids had a resort view room and they offered her an upgrade to the presidential suite! The resort credits are a joke! After taxes and surcharges I'm not sure if it was worth it. For example, we got about 1100 resort credits just for going to see their membership presentation and we wanted to use it to swim with the dolphins. Jenni helped us out but then had to send us to Luis at guest services. My goodness he told us different and conflicting information and English and Spanish (I speak both). I ended up becoming so frustrated with him that Jenni saw and got me to the supervisor who fixed the problem. The dolphin experience was awesome but they only do a couple of interactions when you use your resort credit vs paying money! If you want a keepsake photo it's 120 pp couple! Haggle them! I got pictures for 11 people for 245. While others got it for 80pp which is a rip off!! SPA credits weren't taken out with some of the guests and they were charged and since I speak Spanish I had to take the reigns and fixing those issues for them with guest services. Guest services minus Jenni were horrible to me and my group! Mario had to help us fix some issues as well as the front desk people! They really need to learn how to solve problems and customer service!! Other than that everything was perfect other than guest services which is kind of ironic! If anyone has questions please let me know and I will try to post pictures!!!
  2. Congratulations!!!! You left as my group and I arrived for our wedding!!! We got married 7/25!! I'm going to be writing similar review to yours!!
  3. Hello there!! I am getting married in two weeks as well at Beach Palace! I was informed last week by ocean studio photography that my package was transferred to Dream Art! I am beyond frustrated because I have already paid for everything and ocean did our engagment photos when we did our site inspection. I need an extra hour of photography and videography so I asked dream art and they want to charge me 500 for pics and 500 for videography! Ocean charged 175 for an hour of photos and 235 for videography! I feel that dream art is trying to rip me off!! I'm beyond frustrated I should have ocean prices honored especially since that's what I booked based on palace pamphlets and suggestion. I have been frustrated with the contact from my wedding coordinator but he told me he was busy with other weddings at the time! I understand but wish they had assistants we could at least email! Good luck at ur wedding !!!
  4. Hello everyone, my wedding is set for the end of july 2014!! Has anyone gotten their hair and make up done by the resort?? I'm trying to avoid the $800 vendor fee!! Thank you all, Faye
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kokobellaa Hi everyone!! I am booked for August 31st, 2014 at the Beach palace!! I am in touch with kalena at the moment but not yet with the coordinator/planner. I have booked my photographer already and I am now looking into hair/make up but just read about the $800 fee?? Is this for ALL vendors?? That's a ridiculous price for an outside vendor. How about photography? I am going for my site visit in december, excited for that and will feel better after I see the actual resort:)! Anyone tasted their food? How is it? Renal Hi congratzzz on your date, mine end of July!!! The vendor fee is per vendor!!! So if you have a photographer and a make up artist, it will be 800 per vendor!! It's outrageously expensive, but I think it's their way of keeping it in house! I am going for my site visit in February! I will meet with the photographers they have and the salon and ask for a trial hair/make up! I will let you know how they are! I am trying to get in touch with the photographers so I can meet with them. I want them to do our engagement photos if I don't like them, then I will cancel them and obtain a new photographer and bite the bullet with the $800.00!! So far I haven't read anything negative, so hopefully it's not that bad!!
  6. Are Del Sol photography the ones contracted by the Beach palace by chance or will you be stuck paying the $800 outside vendor fee?
  7. @Shmanderz - Yes that's what I was asking! That's good!! @Summer2014, congratzzzzz!!! Did the Beach palace tell you they were going to charge you $800 for outside vendors??
  8. I was going to use BP, but I found a TA that got me the group rate I believe a little cheaper not a lot but with better amenities.
  9. Hello Ladies, We have reserved our date at the beach palace in July!! We're very excite. If anyone finds a good photographer let me know please. They're pretty pricey!!!
  10. Hello Ladies, My fiancé and I are shooting for either a date in June or August at the Beach palace! We're so excited!! The place looks amazing!!! I also have heard so many good things about it!
  11. Hello Everyone, I am considering the Beach Palace for our destination wedding and I would like to know pros and cons from any brides on this website. I would also like to know if anyone has gotten married in the month of June as well as the month of August. Those are the two months we're playing with. I'm worried about the weather in August and I heard both good and bad. Thank you all
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