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  1. Our group went to the nightclub on the resort every night! We went after our reception and danced for probably 2 hours! I didn't want to change out of my dress so it was HOT for me! But still so much fun!
  2. Just got back from my wedding and it was absolutely AMAZING! Francina was our wedding coordinator and executed everything just the way I imagined. We got married at the fountains (BEAUTIFUL) had our cocktail hour at the gardens right off the fountains, and then our reception at the carnival terrace. It started raining during our first dance and Francina and team rushed to pick up the table and move it to the covered area of the terrace. She even saved the cake BEFORE any one else thought about it!!!! The rain there only lasts for 3-5 minutes and then our party resumed.. such a great memory!!! Wouldn't have changed it even if I could!! Our guests raved about the dinner! We had the heart of palm salad, lobster bisque, champagne sorbet, steak and lobster, and the mocha dessert. We were all so stuffed but still made room for cake because that was THE BEST wedding cake I have EVER had!! (We had lemon cake with strawberry filling) We used WBA (photographers onsite) and are more than happy with the way all the pictures turned out. Our photographer was Amy (Amalia?) We will really cherish these pictures forever! The spa (Hair/makeup) left a lot to be desired, however. I may have had too high of expectations... I ended up redoing the curls in my hair and also my eye makeup. (And I'm not so sure the spa knew how to apply false eyelashes) All's well that ends well, though... the groom LOVED my hair and eyelashes I feel like this should also be said-- We stayed in a preferred club ocean view room... Which was actually a pool view room with a SLIGHT view of the ocean. I was initially extremely upset with our room as I felt it was deceiving, but decided not to let it ruin the vacation/wedding and I ended up really enjoying it!
  3. @@OctoberBride2014 Why do you say the carnival terrace is on the Secrets side? I think that its the terrace outside of the Carnival buffet at Now Larimar. My wedding planner said it overlooks the fountain. I'm having our small reception there for 15 people and can't wait! Oh and I am probably not bringing welcome bags but am bringing reception decor!
  4. Hey Ladies I have one more question! For those of you who brought your own tablecloths, what size did you bring? And what about for the cake table? Thanks so much!!
  5. Did any of you use WBA for your wedding photos? If so, how did you like them?? Under vendor reviews, they have great reviews....but its concerning that the reviews were posted over the span of a week...
  6. Did any of you use WBA for your wedding photos? If so, how did you like them?? Under vendor reviews, they have great reviews....but its concerning that the reviews were posted over the span of a week...
  7. @@PuntaCanaBride14 We chose to do the symbolic wedding because it costs $540 to do civil and you have to be in the Dominican 3 business days before you get married... not to mention all the paperwork that needs to be done AND I *think* you have to have it all translated too.
  8. @@PuntaCanaBride14 Congrats! I'm also a May bride -- May 31! @@MrsFountain2B Does DJ Mannia work for the resort? Or is he considered an outside vendor? I'm thinking we may just pay for the ipod hookup!
  9. @@Carolyn B On the Now website, they have an interactive map. It's somewhat small at the bottom of the page! It doesn't show the fountains, but if you find Carnival buffet, the fountains are that tan colored area. (Between Carnival and the Quiet pool)
  10. You're probably talking about Katya Nova. Her pictures are gorgeous! I'm not hiring an outside photographer... $500 outside vendor fee! (I think Katya actually pays $250 of it.) My wedding is not until May... but I'm also thinking about bringing my own decor (not too much!) And still undecided about a DJ!
  11. Hi ladies!! Is anyone using a travel agent ? Why or why not did you decide to use one?! If anyone has any TA recommendations please send them my way! I'm having a hard time finding one that works with Now resorts and isn't "pushing" the others on me!
  12. WOW those pictures are beautiful!!! Thank you so much! Unfortunately those aren't it... but I did find it! I was looking at the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit! And I remembered why it wouldn't work for me...adults only! I appreciate it Lynda!
  13. Hi ladies!! I've spent countless hours searching resorts in Mexico to have a destination wedding... and I came across one a few days ago that has gorgeous white arches (3, maybe) as the wedding venue at the resort. Of course I didn't save the name and cannot think of it for the life of me!! Does anyone know which resort this is?? It may not have been in the Riviera Maya/Cancun area.. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks
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