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  1. Hi! I'm in the same boat- put my Save the dates in mail last week and now am seriously in need of booking my outside vendors before they all are bookeD! Has anyone heard of Jhankarlo Amaro or had him as a photographer? I love his work and found him from a bride on this site. However, I don't see many reviews online about him and this worries me because pictures are so important to me! ANyone who has done or will do TTD session...I'm thinking of buying a really cheap dress to wear for underwater pictures because 1, I'm scared I will drown in my huge princess dress and 2. My dress was expensive and I don't want to rruin it. What are you guys doing? Brittany ":)
  2. Hi Now Sapphire brides! Need help deciding on a photographer! If anyone could send me pictures or recommendations I would really appreciate it! Although expense is a concern (because I want to do TTD and videographer), artsy photos to capture the essense of the day is also very important!
  3. Hi girls! I was wondering if any now sapphire brides have any comments on the videographers they have at the NOW resorts. Do you know if there is a vendor fee for videographers ? I know for photographer its only about $75 a person but for all other vendors I believe it's $300 so I was wondering what the deal is for videoagraphers. I heard the photographers weren't so good so I'm going with Del Sol but I'm still in the process of figuring out the video situation. Thanks! Brittany
  4. I am also getting married on the 24th lol...I guess I'll see you there! I'm stlll not sure which package I'm going with and if I will hire outside vendors. DOes anyone know if the photographers videgraphers djs etc are good at now sapphire if you should hire outside? I'm a kindergarten teacher and soooo busy at the beginning of the year- I need to get these wedding plans finalized! Thanks!
  5. I just heard back from Anel too finally for my date of May 24 yay! Can't wait!!Now I can finally get excited and send out my save the dates!! Anyone have fun ideas for save the dates- like passports that are postcards or something? Brittany
  6. Did you do the complimentary package and then are adding on by buying the private reception,bringing your own ribbon, table sashes, etc? I am not sure which package to do because it seems like the complimentary is so basic that either way it's expensive. What is the budget list you asked for? Can you PM me it or e-mail it to me? Thank you so much! Brittany
  7. omg!!! I LOVE your pictures! I was going to get married in cancun but I think the now sapphire is the PERFECT mix of both now that I have researched I think this is the place for me. It has the breathtaking beach and resort for weddings and it is supposedly not too far out into riviera maya- do you know if it is 20 mins from cancun and playa del carmen? THE TA told me it was in the middle of cancun and playa del carmen so a short bus ride in to town if guests want to venture out. Do you know if thats correct? Can you tell me anything about your experience the time you were there and how the wedding went? It looks picture perfect and everything and more I have wanted my wedding to be! congratulations!!!!!
  8. I am very interested in using del sol photography fpr my april or may 2012 wedding too! Although I talked to HR and they charge a 4 or $500 vendor fee for each vendor! Do you know if there is a way to get around that? It would be much cheaper to pay for a day pass or even a room for you! haha
  9. hi ladies! I have some guests who think all inclusive is a rip off so I will need to pay for a guest pass for them to come to wedding I guess? I'm also interested in beach palace and deciding between HR and BP but with BP you must also pay more money for the private reception and are limited to 4guest passes. Is that true for HR and has anyone had this experience?
  10. Your story gave me chills too!! So sweet! I am planning my destination wedding now and BP was my first choice. I toyed around for the last month with cheaper options and I kept coming back to the BP. It is a little more expensive than others..but ladies who have been there, is it worth it? Is it an amazing experience especially for a wedding? We have a younger crowd in their mid 20's, some family members in their early 30's with kids, and then some family members in their 50's and 60's. I'm hoping BP will be good for everyone because the kids are aloud, us 20- somethings can go out if we want to, and it is a beautiful classy resort for those who like the finer things. I do have people saying they do not want to do all inclusive and will stay somewhere else and others who say they might not book through the link. What is the bottom line? If people don't book through the link, i just wont get the "consessions" (perks towards wedding) and if they don't stay, I will have to spend extra money on their dinner for wedding right? I need HELP! Thank you! Brittany
  11. Does this resort have the option of all inclusive or not all inclusive?
  12. so frustrating! Let me also be more specific in saying that we are getting married in Cancun. Has anyone else had weddings with either all inclusive or non- inclusive? If so, what is your opinion either wway and which do you prefer? What was your experience? THANKS!
  13. Does anyone know any resorts that offer both inclusive and non inclusive? We have some family members who don't like the idea of all inclusive because they don't drink or "eat like a pig" in their words. I am trying to see if theres any resorts that offer both. ANy thoughts brides?
  14. Hi girls! I am an APril 2014 bride as well and getting married in Cancun. I am a teacher so I have the summer off... and I literally have been full- time addicted to this site and tripadvisor since school released in May. I just want to PICK a resort and stop thinking about it so much!! I had pretty much decided on Gran Caribe Real but now am considering the Riu Palace Las Americas and the Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun again. There have been so many resorts my FI and I would have chosen (like the beach palace for example) but it came down to price for our guests. I am learning that everyone wants to put their 2 cents in... but sometimes there's too many cooks in the kitchen and I'm getting sick of trying to accomadate what everyone else wants! Does any other bride who's getting married in cancun or been to cancun have any ideas about these resorts? I feel like they all have pros and cons and they are starting to blur together now.. I'm ready to pick one out of a hat at this point! Brittany
  15. can you pass along the wedding info to me?? I'm not finding anything on weddings from this resort! I heard there is also no wedding package that's complimentary.
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