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  1. Try Erica Bressan of www.weddingsinplaya.com or her partner. I just used Erica for my wedding at the main church and she was amazing! She can also organize transit for you!
  2. I'm using Erica Bressan with www.weddingsinplaya.com and very happy with Erica. I found her from the reviews section of this website and honestly think there are many good coordinators who can help.
  3. I chose Grand Coral over Kool for two reasons: 1 - even though I didn't visit to verify, I got the impression that at Kool all the parts of the reception were a bit more spread out. Like you eat in one area and dance floor isn't right next to it. I really wanted every table to be able to see the dance floor because I think I'll have some older family coming who aren't going to dance and appreciate that. 2 - Grand Coral has and option to rent out the venue and bring in your own caterer. I'm working with a wedding coordinator and she had provided me some budgets and that was much cheaper than getting a facility and catering in one. I highly recommend a wedding coordinator if going off site. Mine has already been able to offer suggestions like getting the alcohol directly from a distributer which has saved a lot.
  4. I think Kool beach club in Playa del Carmen can accommodate the numbers you are looking for and wasn't on your list. I considered that location before ultimately deciding to go to Grand Coral Beach Club.
  5. That's great - and definitely different from what is said on their website. How much is the extra cost per person for private dinner when you use the free package? Do you get to choose any restaurant at the Riviera Maya resort?
  6. I would love to see some of your pictures. Like Ana - I'm haveing ceremony and reception off-site but interested in some on-site events at the hotel. Has anyone done a Welcome cocktail party there? How much did that cost? Would the resort allow something like a welcome beach bonfire?
  7. Are the vendors fees different for different services? I want to bring in an outside hair and make-up team to our room for getting ready instead of using the spa. How much is a vendor fee for that? If they bring two people instead of one do I have to pay it twice? Thanks
  8. I think the parents traditionally host an engagement party, not the couple themselves. I think it doesn't happen anymore because parents are already paying for the wedding, if that. In that case anyone can host the party so your thought of responding "when are you hosting one?" is right on! Like most of us you aren't bothered if you don't have one so if no one hosts, it doesn't happen. Just like you wouldn't host your own wedding shower.
  9. I don't have any advice to share yet, but I'm looking at some excursions as well as a gift for guests as well. I know you can do a Catamaran Cruise out of Puerto Adventuras for up to 50 or 60 people. I'm looking at that and also trip to the Tulum ruins. I am hoping Tulum could be easy because it would just be a bus, entrance fees and a guide. I was thinking the bus could drop people off at either the resort after or another location if the wish and people could make their own way back. I've just started and it seems like no matter what an excursion costs about $100 a person. I guess no one wants to lower their fees because people keep paying the high fees.
  10. I'm getting married in April 2014 in the Catholic Church downtown and my reception will be at Grand Coral. We looked at a bunch of all inclusive resorts in the area - you might want to look at Azul Fives. It is very close to Grand Coral and family friendly. I think guests can also choose there to go with an all-inclusive or non all-inclusive option. In the end of we are going to a difference resort - RIU Palace RM because we really wanted something that allows kids but doesn't have too much of a family focus. We will only have a few kids there. Azul Fives seemed to have lots of room options for couples, parents with kids and bigger groups sharing a room. Luky
  11. Thanks Elissae! I'm definitely going to put snacks in the bags. Last time I was at an AI it was nice to that there were some small things like chips in the room. Sometimes we were just peckish and wanted something small. My mom is really getting into the OOT on my behalf - hopefully snacks will be filling in the bags and relatively cost - effective. I loved all your posts and reviews by the way - made me very excited for the RIU RM. Did your guests walk into Playa del Carmen or to the other nearby RIU resorts at all? Luky
  12. I've just reserved for my wedding group at RIU Palace RM! Getting married April 26, but the ceremony and recpetion will both be off the resort. We'll probbaly do a couple other events on the resort like rehearsal dinner and maybe a welcome party. Can't wait. I'm thinking of OOT bags at this resort. Do the minibars have any snacks in them? I know its all inclusive but sometimes it's nice to have small things like chips or crackers in the room. I thought I would include them if not already provided. Everything I can find about the minibar just focuses on the bottle dispensors! Luky
  13. That is at the RIU Palace Riveria Maya. I picked it site unseen, but it has great reviews on trip advisor. I'm not having my wedding or reception on the resort so I can't comment on their wedding services. I just used a travel agent to book a wedding package because it seemed easiest and enables guests to book and pay individually.
  14. Mine was quoted by person at $511 for three nights. I guess that works out to to $340 a night per couple. My wedding is in April in Playa del Carmen by the way.
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