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  1. Hello all, I have posted my review from my wedding Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/76560-dreams-cancun-destination-wedding-review/
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know what kind of BS they're trying to pull right now. I'm getting married this Friday and asked for an updated spreadsheet from my coordinator. For the past 10 months it has been 15% service fee and 11% tax, well the spreadsheet I got today is now 16% TAX! Are you kidding me?! I thought it was a mistake and told her to fix it and she sent me this link. http://www.theyucatantimes.com/2013/11/tourism-in-cancun-affected-by-mexicos-tax-reform/ So basically if I hadn't of asked her for final details I would have gotten to the resort and found out I owed more than I thought. She told me she "hopes I understand." Needless to say, I'm one pissed off bride. I find this out less than 48 hours before I'm supposed to be in Mexico
  3. Sarah, Congratulations on the wedding! You have no idea how much this post calmed my nerves haha! I'm getting married February 28th so it's coming up pretty quick. So tell me about it, I want details! haha Did they provide any decorations or did they let you use any from past weddings? Did you have something to play the ceremony songs? Do you have any advice or tips? It would be MUCH appreciated. Can't wait to see pictures of your wedding
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by rykell Yes we had the resort do our daughters , it was amazing they are called Adventure Do you happen to have a link that I could see?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by sabers20 Has anybody heard anything else about the resort closing? Yes I spoke to my TA and she said the resort is switching management in April and the weddings that are to take place BEFORE the management switch will be okay but after April are cancelled or are switched to a sister property. I'm so sorry for everyone that is having their wedding switched/cancelled
  6. Has anyone thought about doing videography for their wedding? My friend just got married in Gulf Shores and this is her wedding video I would LOVE to have something like this, the HD makes it look so clean and crisp and it is just adorable.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tantan Thanks for the link. What are you swapping the cocktail hour for? 10 people comped for dinner
  8. Has anyone done Videography for their wedding at Dreams Cancun? Legit videography, HD and looks crisp?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Tantan Hey ladies, Hows everyone doing? April brides not long to go now! So I've finally found my dress eeeekkk!!! But I was just wondering what are all your future husbands wearing? Mines not quite sure.... And is everybody trading the cocktail hour? We are swapping the cocktail hour and the groom as well as the groomsmen are wearing khaki linen pants with white linen button down shirts with their sleeves rolled up as well as matching leather flip flops. http://theguayaberashirtstore.com/ is the website they are from. However, we got lucky because his warehouse is here in Austin so we could try on. He was also willing to give a discount for multiple orders.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by thurberwedding So, here's a question I don't think has been asked yet. How did you pay? I think the options I was told are card or certified check only? The problem with certified check is not knowing the exact cost til you get there and pick all the options. The problem with a card is paying like a 3% fee for international use. Not a big deal normally, but 3% of thousands of dollars is a huge hit! Or do they run the card through a system that doesn't ding you with a fee somehow? (Kind of like how the bank you wire the deposit to is in the u.s) Love to hear from anyone who has already done their wedding! Are you talking about paying the resort for your wedding package? or for when you get there and pay for any extra charges to your package?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by megssweet1 We're doing a Welcome Party the day of the rehearsal
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by af2492 Hi Everyone. I just booked my date for June 2014 and have really appreciated reading all of the posts on this thread! I am going to have a pretty big group. . at least 60 people and I just had a few questions for brides who have already had their weddings. . Which beach do you think is better for the reception? Has anyone used an outside DJ that they recommend that was less expensive? Did anyone bring their own centerpieces and if so, recommendations? What did people do as far as tipping? We had asked Cecilia about this and she made it sound like gratuity is included as it is when staying at the resort but I wasn't sure. Has anyone still been able to make trades? I was reading about trades that people have done .. but when I mentioned it to Cecilia she said that you can't make trades when using a package. We are getting the ultimate package but it sounded like the trades are specifically for the packages? Thanks everyone. Really happy to have other people to chat with!! I haven't gotten married yet but we have booked DJ Mannia for our DJ. They come with way more stuff and are less expensive even with the outside $150 fee than the Dreams DJ. From what I have read through threads on here, brides have left A LOT of decorations at Dreams for future brides to use, so I would speak with your coordinator regarding what is available. I have made a lot of trades and everyone else on here has too from what I've read so I would talk to Cecilia about it again. We are using an outside photographer & florist so we are getting a sound system for the ceremony and getting the gazebo decorated. The corsages they put on the gazebo I am going to have them put on the tables as centerpieces after the ceremony on the bridal party tables. I also opted out of the cocktail hour so instead of that we get 10 people comped for dinner. Hope this helps
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Tantan Hey Ashleyloriann, I thought around 3/30pm would be a nice time to have the ceromony. Has anyone suggested you make yours later? Or is it ok for a February wedding? My fiancé and I went to Cancun a couple years back in February but I can't remember much about what it was like at that time of day. I have seen some brides mention in other threads that the gazebo is quite breezy, but they've never indicated that it was a problem.... I suppose if it is quite windy then that could solve my worries of it being to hot for everyone. My coordinator nor travel agent made a comment about it being too early so I think it should be fine. I wanted mine earlier so we wouldn't have to race time for sunlight.
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