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  1. The big day is on November 18, 2013 in Dreams Punta Cana Resort! Any brides flying from Toronto to Punta Cana on the 15th?
  2. Thank you so much for your review! and congratulations! I picked the Portofino terrace as I heard only good things about that venue. Im really upset to hear that some guests didn't like the rooms and most of them got sick... Do you need to make an arrangement for the welcome dinner in advance with your WC? Do you pay for it as well? Thank you once again!
  3. Hi Ladies! Im so excited to announce that we have booked our wedding for November 18, 2013! We are having a ceremony at the gazebo and a recepption at Portofino's terrace. However, Caroline told me that the dinner is till 11PM. What are you all planning to do after? Is it possible to relocate to some bar which you can book in advance? Once again Im very happy to be on this foru mand all of your posts are extremely helpful! Thank you all!
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