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  1. Hi everyone My wedding was March 12th of this year and it was absolutely beautiful!!!! Thankfully my wedding coordinator Yanna left the resort because i was not fond of her at all and they reassigned Jenny to me and she was absolutely amazing! When you get there all of the resort staff are extremely accommodating and super helpful to make sure your day is setup the way you visualize it. I had 69 guests at my wedding which is rather large for a dw but they are all still contacting me about how beautiful it was. I will add more pictures and if there are any dw brides with questions please feel free to contact me. This forum was super helpful to me and I know the feeling planning your wedding without knowing alot of details. Please know they coordinators may not respond right away but once you get there you are their main priority and they are willing to help you with any little detail you may need. Our reception was in the garden gazebo which at first in pictures I wasn't too impressed with but the pictures don't do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful. there are rocks on the walkway that make it difficult to wear heels but I did anyway and luck I didn't bust my butt. I was also telling my dad to hold on tight to me in case. LOL. Our reception was held at the Seaside Grill and I'm so happy we ended up having it there because everything about it was perfect. The pier area is perfect for cocktail hour and it was gorgeous out so we were able to have our entire wedding outside. Being that our guest list was so high we had a buffet style dinner and it worked out fine and the food was really good! everybody enjoyed everything and the cake we got through the resort and it was absolutely delicious!!!! there were small hiccups throughout the day but the coordinators made sure they fixed it right away. I was so happy that I not only decided on a destination wedding but dreams because they really made my wedding day feel like fairy tale.
  2. Thanks for all of the input! And your wedding looked beautiful!!! In terms of bringing in an outside photographer did they charge you an outside vendor fee? And how did you like the pier for cocktail service? My wedding is coming up this March so I'm definitely in crunch time. I'm also anticipating like 50 guests. Do you think the seaside grill is my best choice? Sorry for the 101 questions!
  3. Hi yes please email me a picture of the suits! londono25@gmail.com
  4. Hi Ladies! So My wedding is creeping up on me on March 12, 2016!!! Would you guys know how private the reception is on the beach location? Im contemplating between the beach or restaurant for the reception and I'm anticipating 80 guests! Yikes! I'm hoping it's a bit more private because the cost for a restaurant is tight for my budget.
  5. Hey Ladies, So my wedding is booked for March 12, 2016 and I'm super excited. We decided to have the wedding on the beach because it's still close to the garden area and nothing better than me being able to be barefoot on the sand. I was also thinking of having it at the seaside grill but I do like the garden idea better. Does anyone know roughly how much it would cost to have a pre-wedding bonfire?
  6. Thanks so much for the advice and comfort I think I'm going to do it! Hopefully all goes well!
  7. Yeah yeah you're definitely right thanks for the advice and I think you're guests will appreciate the advance notice
  8. Thanks for the advice! My other concern is I want to have it in the fall and I'm deathly afraid if hurricane season! Any advice from previous brides?
  9. Hey ladies I haven't booked my wedding yet because I wanted to go down there in February or March to finalize and book everything. If I send the save the dates in March2014 and set the wedding date for October 2014 is that not enough notice to my guests? Please let me know your opinions! Thanks!
  10. Hello Ladies I have also been researching Dreams La Romana for my wedding in 2014 any thoughts, pictures and advice would be greatly appreciated Please feel free to message me or email me at london25@gmail.com. My expected amount of guests is about 50 people. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  11. I absolutely love your pictures! If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost to have you wedding there? I'm torn between this place and another and I want to see if this resort works for me. Feel free to email me at londono25@gmail.com if you can I need all the help I can get and any advice is seriously appreciated! Thanks!
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