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  1. Dreams La Romana July 11, 2016 anyone have any suggestions or helpful hints or tricks?
  2. @@futuremrsliptack - thank you so much for all the details! I'm am waiting to hear back from HDC and hopefully will be booking with them as well! @@Lauralondon25 - I was told the outside vender fee was $300 for a photographer.
  3. July 11, 2016 at Dreams La Romana in the Dominican Republic. We have the website, the invites are ready to pick up today. Some many more decisions to make but I'm excited!!
  4. I'm so glad I could help... I had tried reaching out to past La Romana brides but could never get a response and glad at least I could help someone. I will have to check that photographer out. I wonder if the resort charges for you to bring in outside flowers, because I think their flower prices are ridiculous. Thanks!
  5. I also contacted HDC and they seem great. Still waiting to hear back from a few others I contacted. I do have the prices from Adventure Photos - which is who Dreams Resorts use. I'll try to attach that here if I can figure it out.. if not I'll send you that too. I'm not doing Save the dates and as much as I love the passport invites they just aren't very budget friendly. I am doing these invites off of Etsy : www.etsy.com/listing/216291256/dominican-republic-wedding-invitation (only ones I could get my fiance' to agree too! haha - good thing I like them as well) and then doing a website from www.appycouple.com to put all the other information on. Will cost me under $100 for invites and the website. I am also sending out invites in the next week or so - that way they have lots of time to book. Then will probably just send email reminders through my website periodically to those who we don't know if they are coming or not. Extra Option Prices and Wedding Reception & Buffet/Dinner Options HDC Photography 2015 packages & Prices Adventure Photos 2015 Packages & Prices Dreams La Romana Wedding Guide Extras in English 2015.pdf Kit 2014-2015 English.pdf Wedding Menu 2014-2015.pdf Photographer - Adventure Photos with dreams.pdf Photographer - HDC Packages 2015.pdf Dreams La Romana Wedding Guide PLUS - 2015-2016.pdf
  6. I have all the options and prices. If you send me your email address I'll forward them to you
  7. @@nr083273 From my understanding since the new highway it is only about a 45 minute ride from the airport. Food - she said was good but she also said she wasn't a picky eater. I've been to other AI resorts and she said the food at Dreams was way better than what I was eating at the others... so we are happy about that. Also the no reservation thing is awesome! Not sure how the preferred club rooms are - I think they are basically really similar to the other room, but with a couple added perks. They are newer buildings and they have their own pool and their own breakfast restaurant (I think that's right...sorry if it's not) Are the Ceremony locations are private... the beach location is on the preferred side away from the rest of the resort's beach area, so it is pretty private. The garden gazebo - I don't know about that, but it seems like it would be pretty private. The pier Gazebo - It's private as in meaning its away from other people...but people can still see you from the beach, and my concern here is the trampoline thing that's in the ocean seems to be pretty close to that so if kids are playing on it during your ceremony then ??? Reception locations - only free locations are the beach and the garden (this goes for ceremony as well). I'm still unclear as of where they set up the beach reception - so I don't know there. I was thinking of using an outside vendor for photography, but that's about it. I'm not sure how much the outside vender fees are or if it's allowed still... Still trying to figure these things out. My best friend is a hair stylist and will be doing everyone's hair and makeup. As far as DJ... my wedding is going to be pretty small so I don't know if a DJ would be needed? (SO many things to figure out!) I saw past brides do a bonfire and a fire show type of thing, and I thought that would be fun to do after our dinner reception. But again I don't know costs, and we are really trying to stay under $6000 for everything (flights and hotel included) Which is going to be tight.
  8. Thanks! My TA has been there multiple times and highly suggested it. I'm getting excited! but still have a long time to go.
  9. No a site visit is out of our budget. My travel agent has been to the resort several times so I've been asking her a lot of questions and she's been great as in trying to get people there to answer. Usually when she cc's a certain person the wedding person responds within 24hrs. Is there any questions I could help answer??
  10. I did book for Monday July 11th. The process was pretty easy but thankfully I had my travel agent doing everything because it was taking forever for the wedding coordinator to get back with me so she contacted her person at the resort.
  11. So excited! We finally figured out where and when a couple weeks ago. We are getting married July 11, 2016 at Dreams La Romana in the Dominican Republic. We've never been to the DR and are looking forward to traveling somewhere new. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Planning my wedding at Dreams La Romana in July 2016. Just curious if there are any others out there or even if there are just other Dreams Resort Dominican Republic for 2016 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. @@lorishultz2016 My travel agent has been dealing with them so far and while they are slow to respond (few days to a week) they seemed to have good group rates and promotions based on number of rooms booked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Your welcome @@lorishultz2016. I'm planning my wedding at Dreams La Romana in the Dominican Republic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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