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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Vivi224 Hi charmedhk, Our group will be staying in the Sunrise section. We're having the ceremony in the chapel at 5pm, cocktail hour on the chapel gardens at 6pm, and reception on the grand terrace 7-11pm. How's your planning process going? Hi Vivi, Planning is going okay, alejandra takes a while to get back to my emails, I am going to call them tomm. The locations are still not confirmed, We are trying to have a indian weddding in the morning at 10 am at tucan gazebo, lunch at tucan terrace and reception indoors. We will be staying in the nizuc section.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Vivi224 Hi charmedhk, I'm also getting married there on June 7, 2014! I'm having a Catholic ceremony at the chapel. Hi Vivi224, Congrats!! what section of the hotel will you be staying at?
  3. Sorry havn't been on in a while, but how exciting!! What section of the hotel will you be staying in?
  4. Oh okay, thanks for the info. So kids under 12 are honored in the kids stay free and 12-17 are at the child group rate they quote, correct? sorry just wanted clarification b/c my sisters have a 6 y/o and 8 y/o. Thanksss for your help, much appreciated!!
  5. Hi, I'm getting married on june 7, 2014 at MP and am also having a sikh indian wedding. We should help each other out let me know if you have any questions, maybe we can help each other through this very difficult planning process
  6. Hi sandyk I'm having a sikh wedding @ MP on june 7th, 2014, very excitingggg that we have the opportunity to have indian destination wedding. I needed some help on having a granthi to perfrom the wedding. where did you book a granthi to do your wedding? How much does it cost? how many nights are you paying for their stay? Any help would be greatly appreciated Hardip
  7. Hi jenvens7, Im getting married on June 7th 2014 at moon palace. I wanted to know how you were able to get the kids stay free promotion they are offering with ur group rate? What did you say? I would love to offer my guests with kids the same perk. Thanks for the info.
  8. Hi ladies, congrats to everyone who's getting married in 2014 at moon palace!! I've submitted a reservation request form for june 7th 2014, still waiting to hear back for confirmation. I've read through lots of threads from last years brides and just wondering if anyone is planning on hiring a wedding planner bc of all the stress of planning a DW. Most of the stress is bc the resort takes a long time to finalize anything, reserve locations and etc. Wedding planners are quoting me $2500 plus flight and accommodations (total prolly $4000) which is pretty pricey!! SO my question is: is anyone using a wedding planner or just going with MP wedding planner 3 months before wedding? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME INSIGHT. .thankss
  9. Hi mrs Singh I'm trying to gather information so I can pull Off an Indian Sikh wedding at moon palace in June 2014.. I wanted to know who is going to perform ur wedding? Are you flying someone down or is there a person in Mexico that can do it? Also for food are you using a local cancun vendor for Indian food?? Pleassse give me some insight, thankss
  10. Hi, Did you ever figure out how to plan that destination wedding? I am also looking to plan one for myself for next year and just started researching and am having a hard time finding a resort and location. I just came by ur thread from april 2012 and figured I'd ask how ur search went and if you can give me any pointers. Thanks
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