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  1. Hi!! My fiance and i are in the beginning stages of wedding planning looking into resorts as we speak. We are planning on getting married next year. The Moon Palace is a very popular destination for Sikh weddings. We know 3 other couples that are getting married there within the up coming year. Personally, we have not finalized a resort yet either. But i will keep you posted on any relevant information that I find.
  2. Thanks Maya2009!! We are currently planning a sikh wedding some where in the mayan riveria.. and your right.. that information is (for whatever reason) hard to obtain. Would that be something that the wedding planner would take care of (very early stages of planning) or would we do that ourselves? Have you ladies had any luck as to a good place that would accomodate alot of guests/tons of kids (all ages). Not to sure where to start.. i figure finding a resort that we like is a good place to begin.. lol
  3. Isnt there a Gurdwara in Mexico City? where it would be easier to bring the Guru Granth Sahib (Holy book) and the Granthi's (priests) from??
  4. Hey!!! My fiance and I are thinking/hoping on planing a sikh destination wedding next year (2013) I know that there are some threads on this topic already and I am working my way through all the details on those threads. I am honestly glad that i found this forum site and glad to know that I am not the only one, lost in the confusion of planning a sikh destination wedding. We are pretty open to the location as long as we are able to get a Granth Sahib at/come too the location and we want it to be feesable since my fiance and I are paying for it as much as we can. I would def. appreciate all the help that I can get!! I have no clue where/what/how I should be starting!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
  5. Hi, I wanted to follow up on this thread!! My fiance and and i are thinking/hoping to have a sikh destination wedding in mexico next year (2013) and i have no clue where to start. so i wanted to know how your experience was and if you were able to get the Granth sahib out to the location of your choice. Thank you!!!!!
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