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  1. Quote:Originally Posted by taraflynn We bought a Bose system for it. It's a bit pricey, but way cheaper than renting the system. It's small and it could fit into my big purse! I was thinking of doing the same thing....you'll have to let me know how it works out for you guys THANKS
  2. Quote:Originally Posted by taraflynn We are having a semi private dinner and then doing a private resection on the beach afterwards. Does anyone know where on the beach it is held? I've read conflicting posts about it being on the beach directly and also at the Seagrape bar on the beach. Does anyone have up to date info? Patricia is on vacation so I can't ask her. Hey, What is your plan for music on the beach?
  3. Ladies..question do you plan on giving each guest a OOTB or per room?
  4. Quote:Originally Posted by Jessica Correa  yea I hear you. I get there on Wednesday and the wedding is on Saturday.. I figured my nails would be ruined by then http://www.renovaspa.com/spapackages.htm - here's the spa packages they offer
  5. I believe it would but maybe just double check with your TA. I got an email about this a couple of months ago but non of my guests had booked on that side so I wasn't to worried.
  6. Hey Guys, Question is anyone planning an at home reception? If so have you started planning? have you picked your dj? I have 3 quotes for djs that range between $500-$700 and I'm not sure which one to pick?? THOUGHTS?
  7. sure did LOL figured someone would help me on either site - THANK YOU
  8. It's funny my FI and I were going over the packages the other night to see if we could do the same - with hair and make-up I wasn't sure and the additional cost for guests over 10... Question the Free Package is $525 - does anyone know what the $525 is for?
  9. Thank you for the suggestions - I'm going to talk to my TA and see if we can stay somewhere else the second week..
  10. Thanks Alyce I know your right and my FI says the same thing...as long as we are happy that's all that matters, anyone that comes is just a bonus...so I'm going to stopped worrying and see where we stand on June 8th after everyone has paid their deposits..
  11. ..my FI and I had made a decision that we would pick our wedding party after everyone had put down their deposits as we didn't want to put any ADDED pressure on anyone BUT of course you already know who you want to ask and assume they would make the trip with you but that just doesn't seem to be the case....... As our deposit date is less then two weeks away. my FI who 100% thought his cousin would be coming (potential groomsman) now all of sudden can't afford it (money is never an issue with this guy until now) so he's out, he's oldest friend (potential best man) who from day one has said NO PROBLEM I'm there all of a sudden isn't responding to any of my FI's reminder text messages and I can see that it's bothering him... So last night my FI's says to me you might want to hold back on the numbers your thinking for bridesmaids because so and so aren't coming...etc...and now I'm feeling all lost and sad...two of my potential bridemaids have already put down their deposits and I already know my other girlfriend is coming 100% but now we are waiting on his side when we first decided to this DW his side was ALL IN and now this...such a piss off!!! I don't think people realize how disappointing it is when you said I'm THERE - ie. my Aunt "I'm there..I don't even have to think twice about it" to last week saying "sorry but I can't afford it"....like DON'T SAY anything at all - I have now learned if I EVER get invited to a DW (minus if it's one of my BF's) I'm just going to say I need to THINK ABOUT IT... You know my FI says to me last night I don't care who comes - as long as our family is there and you and I are happy then that's all the matters which is 100% true I just don't like this useless disappointment we have to feel in the meantime I can't wait until June 7th has passed...we'll finally know whose coming
  12. Oh that's right I remember reading you were doing the plantation that's a neat idea I don't think it'll be worth it with our numbers so I'm thinking more of the Bon fire option and bringing an iPod/sound system not sure it's worth paying $300/hr for the dj... What are you doing for decorations? Are you using Tia's or bringing a lot of your own? I found these really cute bags at sears its clear with different coloured handles it comes with have different bags for your bathing suit, camera and flip flops I was thinking they would be cute for oot bags they are $10 so I was thinking they would be nice for the wedding party and our mom's but we'll see... I'm still going back and forth on the photographer...I really like Brains work but then being able to work with someone from home is nice too in case something goes wrong they are both around the same price so I'm not sure what to do yet... Yeah we are staying at the Riu for another week it was only $600 more each so we figured why not...probably can't get another week for that price and since we have to pay for the reception here we have to save our money where we can... Do you know what your planning on doing for wedding favours? I think your niece well love the bear that's such a cute idea...my niece is also going to be our flower girl she'll be almost 3 by then so ill have to come up with something neat...I guess I'll have to wait to see what she's into closure to the time
  13. Wow you guys already have 20 ppl with deposits paid....right now I'm only sitting at 8ppl including us LOL my TA said everyone waits until the last minute and she wasn't kidding....it's been killing me because I want to book my reception already...what do you guys thinking for the reception? Where are you ordering your OOT bags from? Every 11th person gives us a credit so we are just hoping we reach 22/23 and then both of our first weeks are covered and/or pay for the photographer which I'm thinking I might bring from here or use Brain N Where are you guys planning on spending your second week? Right now we are booked to stay at the ROR for the second week but I'm starting to wonder if we should change that (if we can)
  14. Well I'm almost two weeks away from having my final numbers for ROR - all deposits are due June 7th - I can't wait - I can then finally decide on the reception, photographer...we can finally get our wedding party together...man oh man this has been a LONG 3 months... We can also see what perks we are going to end up with which I didn't even know about until a couple of weeks ago when I re-read my TA's email - so that's bonus...
  15. Congrats!!! I can't wait to hear all about it when you back home and settled in...enjoy the honeymoon
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