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  1. Has anyone done a trash the dress photo session?! I would like to do one and just wondering if you have any advice on locations? I thought the tulum ruins may be a cool place but not sure how that would all work... any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your response. I am totally a picky eater so this makes me feel better! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Mine is 2 months away eekss!! I am having a welcome cocktail hour on the day most of my guests are arriving so everyone can meet each other that hasn't already. I am also giving everyone the option to join me and the soon to be hubby on 2 excursions. One of the reasons I picked Moon Palace is the resort credits so I want to encourage guests to use them. I am planning on doing a group swim with the dolphins on site and the ziplining excursions since that is only a half day. Other than that I am going to let everyone fend for themselves if they want to do anything different.
  3. Had anyone did plated dinners for the reception? I can't decide btwn that or a buffet. So hard to choose without tastings! Any suggestions?
  4. Hey Ladies I'm starting to worry about Hair/Makeup.. has anyone had that done at the Spa on the resort? I'm hoping myself along with my 7 bridesmaids can all get it done at the resort but I'm worried we will all end up with braids or something. Anyone have any insight? Thanks!
  5. Has anyone had their hair/makeup done at the resort? I'm a little worried about that for myself and all of my bridesmaids. Thanks!
  6. Hey All! Any February 2014 Brides here? I just booked my wedding for February 27th What is everyone doing for dancing? Are you paying extra for a DJ at private dinner or... ? I was thinking of maybe just using the night club.. but I have heard all they play is techno. Anyone been able to experience what it really is like? I'm trying to plan a site visit I'm just not sure if it will happen or not
  7. I had the same question as its included in my package (Pure) were you able to get any feedback on this? I don't know what to pick or if it would even be any good...
  8. Hey Everyone! I just signed my contact and will be getting married here February 27th, 2014! So Excited : ) I went with the Pure Collection - has anyone else went with this? And if you have what did you do for music for the ceremony - it says you can choose btwn a flute, saxophone, violinist or pipe. Any suggestions? Also it comes with photography package A but I am bring down my own photographer , do you know if they are flexible and will let me switch that out with something of similar value?
  9. Hi Everyone! I am trying to narrow down my venue choice for a February 2014 wedding and came across this hotel. It seems amazing. I am having trouble finding all of the wedding packages pricing. Do they offer an ala carte wedding option? Does anyone have an "extras" price sheet they are willing to share? I havent been able to read all the posts on here yet.. but it sounds like their are two gazebos you can get married in .. can you also just have a beach wedding? And how is the beach - i had saw a few pictures where it looked like their may be a rockey section that you cannot swim in - is this true? If we have over 40 guests is the only option for a private dinner the Chill out Lounge? I am a little worried it will be colder at night in February.. anyone have any issues with an outdoor dinner? Has anyone opted to go to the disco to dance and continue the party instead of a dj? Sorry for all the questions - thanks for any help in advance
  10. would you mind sending me the attachment too? I'd be interested to see it. Thanks!! If you don't want to upgrade to all Dreams Package you can just stick with your current package and upgrade to a private dinner for 4 hours which ranges from Premium $990, Premium Gold $1,350, or Grand Collection $1,650.. could end up being cheaper depending on what you all want.
  11. HI! depending on the package you choose it may only come with a semi-private dinner but you can upgrade to a private dinner in a specialty restaurant for 4 hours or can rent out the disco for 2 hours until 10 pm. Which Iberostar hotel did you decide on?
  12. Thanks for the info! I agree.. I'm a little nervous about a random dj - the chicken dance is a perfect example of what I do not want played .. maybe we will go with an ipod too.