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  1. I just read this as well and am a little concerned! I have been to the NJ and know what it is like, and it was NOTHING like this. I hope the reviews improve!!!
  2. Just wondering if we have to come up with the ceremony script for a legal ceremony? If so, I wouldn't even know where to start! Does anyone have their script for their legal ceremony??
  3. That is too bad i JUST bought orange lanterns! that would have worked perfectly as we are getting married Jan 09! Cant wait to read your review!! Anything else that you are leaving behind? I am bring down vases but am trying to avoid it if i can at all costs! I wish the resort didnt charge SO much for centrepeices!!
  4. Pilar confirmed that I could swap my live music for 2 hours of DJ service. I have had no luck swapping anything else though. I have heard that you can trade things in the same category. for example I have emailed Pilar saying that we will not use the couples massage, and I am going to see if I can get a hair & makeup trial done instead. Since they are both "spa services" i have heard that shouldnt be a problem. I will keep you posted!!
  5. Nicole! How did your wedding go? im so excited to hear about it and see pics! Congrats by the way!!!
  6. What day in January are you getting married? We will be there Jan 5-12 and our wedding is on the 9th I have put 8 people at most tables, 2 of them have 7 though. We have 77 guests confirmed, i am SO excited :)
  7. Does anyone know how many lamterns we should bring to hang in the bamboo room!?
  8. Thank you so much Allie, that really makes me feel better! I have another question which I am not sure if you will be able to answer or not. Did you have to pay for the dance floor? I am looking at the planning booklet and just noticed that they charge $1200.00 for a dance floor for 50-100 people.....WHAT! what is that charge for? I do not need anythign special, and have left room for a dancfloor in my seating chart so I do not want to be paying that. Also, in my planning spreadsheet, under recpetion, there is "cocktails per person per hour"....what is this for? I didnt know that we had to pay for cocktails per hour..?? I have tried asking Deisy these questions but never really get a clear response. Thanks so much!!
  9. Good morning Now Jade Brides!! We are almost 3 motnhs away (time is going way to fast) and I know I have seen this answered on here before, but I cannot find it anywhere, so i appologize for a repeat question! Are we allowed to bring fake sea shells into Mexico? I am using them as part of my centerpeices and bought them from Party city. I am terrified of getting questioned at the airport and them taknig stuff away. Also, i wil be brining my welcome bags down to give out at the welcome reception. How much is each person allowed to bring into Mexico? Any other tips, advise, or helpful info would be SO helpful! Thank you!!
  10. I am wondering the same thing about the card box. I think I am still going to have one because we are telling people not to get anythign for us, but I would still love to have cards to remember the special day. I am doing OOT bags so am not going to have favors at the reception.
  11. Hi Ladies! I am posting this question in this forum because i cannot find any active forums reagrding Bachelorette parties and when to have them! We are getting married on Jan. 09 2014 at the Now Jade. We depart on Jan 05 2014. My MOH and mother have planned my bridal shower for September 22 2013. (They planned it early because we live in Calgary Canada and some people will have to travel to get here so we didnt want it to be in the dead of winter). Now I am struggling as to when my Bachelorette should be...?!?! I dont really want it in the dead of winter becuase I want to be able to wear a cute dress and I just hate going out in the freezing cold. At the same time, I dont think that i want it really far away from our wedding date as that just feels weird to me.... What are you ladies planning on doing? What have past brides done?? I need to wrap my head around this lol! Any thought/ideas/suggestions are WELCOME plsssss!! Thanks ladies, i love this site
  12. If you read Shannon Marie's review, she upgraded to the full day and has the cost breakdown. She said she liked the resort photographer where as other people have complained about them. My FI and I are going to stick with the resort photographer and upgrade to the full day, we are paying $850.00 i believe for that upgrade.
  13. Ah confrats girl!!!! Cant wait to read your review and see pics!!
  14. You looked AMAZING omg i am so inlove with your pictures. So ahppy to hear that all went welll.....except YUCK about the glasses..... :S
  15. It is extremely common and definitly something that you have to get used to as they are way to over worked. I feel bad for the poor ladies, but as everyone says, everything will be more perfect then you could have ever dreamed! i cannot wait!!!!
  16. Hi Emily. For some reason i cannot click on your link to see your pcitures! Would you mind msging me the link? I will also try to click on it from home, maybe my work computer wont allow access to it! I was the one who posted the Enzoani Heather, i LOVE it so much. I really love all of tjhe detail on the Enzoani dresses. Cant wait to see your beautiful pictures!
  17. I am a travel agent haha but I did not book my own group that would just be a nightmare, so I had one of my collegues book it for us. I work at AMA Travel in Calgary Canada we are affiliated with AAA in the states
  18. Yes you are right, you should hopefully get the hotels incentive!
  19. I would HIGHLY reccomend booking your travel as a group. As i have stated in previous threads, hotels, flights, tours etc over sell almost 90% of the time. if you go onto trip advisor right now, you will read of several complaints of hotels over selling other hotels and being put at the Now Jade. If you want to ensure that none of your group will get bumped in that event, I would definitly reccomend booking as a group or at least getting blocked space at the hotel.
  20. That is so weird! We are getting married on Jan 09 2014 and we got our group rates in December of 2013. We booked our group with Air Canada Vacations and our guests just had to put down a $150.00 deposit per person, final balance is due in September! Maybe check with Air Canada Vacations? I know that Westjet and Transat will do the same thing as we got quotes from all three companies!!
  21. Congrats! i hope you have the best time/day!!
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