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  1. Does anyone remember the name of the party supply store that is local where we can get vases, besides going to walmart?
  2. did anyone find vases at the walmart near the resort for centerpieces? was it more money? was there a variety?
  3. Can anyone tell me how they went about doing menu card for the reception dinner? Since we had to preselect the main course for each guest what did you so the waiters knew who was getting what? If anyone has pictures of what their looked like, that would be greatly appreciated
  4. Does anyone know what size table overlay I would need for the reception tables?
  5. Congrats on your wedding.. I saw how much hard work you put into it and it looked absolutely amazing. How was transporting all of these things? Did you strategically have to pack everything and bring receipts? Any suggestions on how to pack everything would be helpful! Thanks!
  6. My wedding is right around the corner and I feel like I have not done much..ahhh. I am such a last minute planner but can someone tell me what were your essential items for your OOT bags and the best websites to purchase these items... Thanks!
  7. we didn't give a year notice but we gave them time but we have been engaged for 5 years. It is about time we do what we want... Thank you...
  8. Thank you.. It just becomes stressful when the people complaining are your mom and sister.... Thank you for your advice and listening....
  9. @ Dawndean did you use real flowers or silk flowers, what company did you use?
  10. Your wedding looked beautiful and your pictures came out amazing. I was wondering what package you received from Caribe?
  11. is anyone feeling stressed and ready to cancel their wedding because people are saying it is too much money. is anyone funning into flights being sooooo expensive right now! sorry to vent
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